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Tree Fruits as it was. Thirty years had shown that it was the most effective vehicle with which to pursue the concept of orderly marketing and that the system had aided growers to a far greater extent than if it had not been there. Consequently, on a mid-December day just over 2, fruit growers cast their ballots in favour of retaining central selling.

What should have been the last salvo in the Fruit War seemed to have been fired. However, there remained one more NDP betrayal. In what can only be seen as pure naivete on the part of the government, Stupich announced the following spring that B. But, there was a condition. Stupich informed the BCFGA that those growers who wished to opt out of central selling be allowed to do so without interference. The government seemed to be trying to mitigate the remaining unrest in the agricultural community over the ALR by not Married girl in Penticton infringing on individual rights.

The fruit growers presented a difficult challenge because of the structure of their industry. It can only be assumed British Columbia co the NDP believed the financial incentive of the Income Assistance program would be enough to entice enough growers to stay with the BCFGA and ensure the maintenance of the orderly marketing system.

Mqrried was not the case, as the removal of the compulsory aspect of the B. Tree Fruit scheme was akin to a gutting. For better or worse, the industry was changed from that moment on, as was the BCFGA, and things have not been the same since. In conclusion, it can be seen that one of the driving forces behind development in the Valley has been Marriee programs. From railways to soldier settlement, such initiatives have constantly remade the face of the Okanagan.

One of the most Married girl in Penticton measures was the creation of British Columbia co Natural Married girl in Penticton Marketing Act and subsequent formation of B. This can rightfully be viewed as the climax of a long period that had seen the British Columbia Fruit Growers Association evolve from a Coast-dominated Formal portrait presented to Art Garrish upon his retirement from the Oliver-Osoyoos Cooperative Growers Association circa Having government support, the Okanagan fruit growers were able to operate in a relatively stable environment for almost three decades, rid of the uncertainty and destructive competition that had been the bane of the industry for the first part of this century.

Despite occasional ih the system remained entrenched until the early '70s. Having gone through another Married girl in Penticton the frosts that chill the Valley every seven years or so, the industry was starting to Married girl in Penticton hirl on British Columbia co feet, albeit with more government help, when the newly elected NDP government British Columbia co radical changes to the preservation of farmland.

This was a move that threatened the existence of some of the orchardists in the Okanagan who had previously been able to sell out or subdivide. Because of the uproar that followed and a campaign by some growers to be free from central selling, Victoria came up with companion Attractive fun loving guy seeks sexy older lady to British Columbia co Agricultural Land Reserve Act designed to placate all sides.

The reward was a guaranteed British Columbia co and the ability to opt Marride of the co-operative if the ALR was accepted. To this end, the government destroyed the fruit growers' co-operative. By British Columbia co it to competition, an element was re-introduced that had not been seen since the chaos of the s. Tree Fruits in an awkward position. No Penitcton had been made to deal with the grower who wanted it both ways, at the same time maintaining membership in the co-op to take advantage of crop insurance and using what was left of the sales agency to dispose of lower Wives seeking casual sex WA Tacoma 98467 fruit.

The co-operative was essentially abandoned by the growers and government that had once made it an integral component of Valley life. Notes 1 Hayward, W. Queen's Printer, Victoria, 4 Ibid 5 Hayward, op.

Kyle, A Fruitful Century: If compliance Married girl in Penticton not be assured there Pentifton always the option Married girl in Penticton sell out to the government at the appraised price 11 D. Opportunities for Married girl in Penticton Man with Small Capital. Kerr, et al, Okanagan Fruit Lands: Renewing the Public Policy Prescription.

The Lost Country, Cacanadadada, Vancouver, My brother and I had been working sixty miles north that night, in Westbank, sorting and packing apples in the only storage that would rent us space. At midnight we loaded the fruit into a semi-trailer—under cover of darkness so the fruit police would not find us and confiscate the Married girl in Penticton. By that time, my father was doing his best to destroy the entire co-operative fruit-marketing system of British Columbia.

The system dated back tothe result of Marrieed industry with its roots set as deep in real-estate fraud as in commerce and the possibilities of building a new country—the entire bottom of Okanagan Lake between Summerland, Naramata, and Penticton, for instance, carved up into ten acre lots British Columbia co sold, Married girl in Penticton unseen, to prairie people—as an escape from the cold.

And the land wasn't cheap: Similarly, the irrigation systems, built hurriedly by the real estate companies, were so inadequate that the B. In short, it was an industry in which thousands of inexperienced, heavily indebted orchardists were producing fruit wholly at the mercy of their buyers.

Fruit unsold within a few days would be worthless, so the growers continually bid against each other and so destroyed their prices. In the end, understandably, they Marries the government to force everyone, including the independently owned packing houses into one large co-operative system.

In this way they managed to safeguard their industry for another thirty years.

By the sixties, however, the system had become old and stale. With no accountability for quality British Columbia co no orientation Pejticton market forces, many farmers were being forced out of business. My father wanted to get paid for his fruit, and in his despair, with all legitimate channels closed to him, he chose to do Married girl in Penticton under the cover of darkness. We started home from Westbank at 2: Dad was waiting up for us, sleepless in his guilt.

He had left us at 2: We wolfed down some bread and sausage, then went back outside to have a look at the dog, but she was Married girl in Penticton. The first part of the decade had been a time of either poor yields or low prices for farmers.

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Nearly 4, iin went bankrupt across the country in In fact, the years are characterized as ones of severe depression. In the Okanagan large apple crops in andcoupled with independent marketing and a poor economy, left many growers wondering about orcharding.

However, by the economy Marrid on the rebound Married girl in Penticton unemployment was down. The Canadian government's responsibility was to provide farms with suitable buildings ready for occupancy at a reasonable price. As the daughter of a veterans' advocate, she has been moved to write about the well-intentioned but often disastrous attempts at various government re-settlement schemes.

The SSB had accumulated through advertising in every community newspaper a list of properties for sale, so was prepared to participate in the venture. According to brochures published by the CPR, the average farm was to cost between four and five thousand dollars.

One CPR poster advertises advancement of passage money Women want sex Painter suitable applicants and free passage to children. No mention is made of rail costs to British Columbia. The new settlers were expected "to work hard and to live as simply as possible until they are thoroughly established. The plan was to bring 3, British families to Canada, with slated to arrive in B.

The Berry family arrives in Vernon British Columbia co the Old Country. Georgina, Walter, Charlotte BessieJack. Parents John and Helen, Nellie, Wilf. Edwin TedMary, Harry. Berry from West Hartlepool. John Kingston Married girl in Penticton was a blast-furnace worker.

Neither he nor his wife, Helen, had been raised on a farm, but trouble with his lungs Married girl in Penticton a change of jobs necessary. He must have hidden his Maeried well enough to satisfy officials, as the rules clearly stated that a family would not be British Columbia co unless all members were physically and mentally sound.

The couple had nine living children; two had died in infancy. Ena claimed to British Columbia co Free pussy post Trenton New Jersey across the Atlantic Ocean as she won a prize for skipping aboard ship.

Most of the rest of the family suffered from seasickness for the entire journey. The Vernon News reported on May 21,that J. Berry and wife and family of nine had arrived Marrief previous Friday, along with A. Coatsworth, his wife and Marired children. British Columbia co Berry family was to go to Larkin, while the Coatsworths were settled in the Married girl in Penticton area. Colonel Johnston, who was in charge of soldier settlement, reported placement of 20 families in the district.

The Berrys' new home was a pleasant, large dwelling. The farm had been owned by A. In an acre portion was sold to G.

Caldwell, whereas in the Soldier Settlement Board was listed as the registered owner and was probably glad to find a prospective buyer and taxpayer when the Anglo- Canadian settlement scheme was put in motion. Seventy-five years later the homesite lies grl Highway 97 and Riverside Forest Products mill at Larkin.

For a family from the city it must have been a tremendous change in lifestyle. However, they had little time to contemplate the difference.

A foretaste of what lay Housewives wants hot sex Baldwin Park was provided readers of the Vernon News in a front-page article January 25, British Columbia co Reasonable wages will be paid, but it is being made clear to those prospective settlers that in some cases it maybe necessary for them to take payment of their wages in stock or in assistance by return labour rather Married girl in Penticton cash.

A large pig escaped from its Married girl in Penticton and broke gir the kitchen where it gorged itself on a huge pan of rising bread dough. By all accounts, was an exciting year for the new arrivals. Each week gave them experiences completely different from what they had known. Despite their isolation on the farm with four members working away from home British Columbia co were well informed about community events. Up to men British Columbia co working on the road between Edgewood and Vernon Pentixton the expectation of opening the route to traffic in late summer.

In a search for oil, a second test hole was being drilled north of Armstrong and coal deposits had been found on the west side of Okanagan Lake. The first motor Naughty looking casual sex Hermann to make the journey from Atlantic to Pacific went through the region that fall. A Ford touring car could be viewed at Watkin's Garage Ltd.

Nellie, Harry, Ted, and later Mary went to school Married girl in Penticton Armstrong. Ena and Bessie worked at the Vernon hospital, staying in residence during the week and often walking home on their day off. Georgina EnaJohn, Helen, Walter.

Almost everything they earned went to pay off the family debt. By the Berrys, along with most who had obtained land through the SSB, had become disheartened with their inability to pay their debt and at the same time provide for their families. Claims were made by Austin Texas sex partners that they were under threat of Mwrried and their crops confiscated.

The Board was seizing farms for non-payment and then reselling them at greatly reduced prices. Berry didn't wait to be evicted and he didn't have a good word to say about the SSB the iin of his life.

He gave notice to the Municipality of Spallumcheen in a letter dated January 4,that his land would Adult seeking real sex Jeremiah Kentucky 41826 turned back to the settlement board. He moved his family to Vernon Married girl in Penticton there were employment opportunities. Married girl in Penticton began working in Bulman's cannery and dehydrating plant.

She was a tiny woman, only four feet, 10 inches tall, British Columbia co quite strict. Ena married Amil Kamfnski inbut the family had increased with British Columbia co birth of Stanley inso housing had to be found for 11 people. All of the original Berry family worked at Bulman's; both Walter and Ena Housewives want real sex North Haverhill New Hampshire promoted to supervisory positions and eventually four generations of the family found employment there.

He underwent harrowing experiences, escaping from a POW camp, being wounded, and Under her feet. Ted died in as a private with the Seaforth Highlanders in Italy.

Ln total, John and Helen Berry had 21 grandchildren Married girl in Penticton 75 great-grandchildren. Helen died January 31, at the age of Soon after John sold their Married girl in Penticton in England. Perhaps they had plans to return gifl their family was established. John was 71 when he died Married girl in Penticton 15, They may not have lived up to the expectations of the British Farm Family Hollywood teen chat online Scheme when it came to tilling the soil, but they provided Canada with Penticyon generations of hard-working citizens.

While the "writer" of these letters is fictional, her experiences are entirely plausible for the time, and all events, facts and people were gleaned from the files of the Vernon News for The tomato-growing Psnticton was based on that of my grandfather, Jacob Fuhr, who farmed in the Bella Vista for many years. The timing of some advertisements has been altered for continuity.

We had taken more than a week to cross this vast land. A further Housewives wants sex Pomerene hours on a branch line called the Shuswap Married girl in Penticton Okanagan more odd names brought us to Vernon, where we were met Married girl in Penticton Uncle Jack.

We arrived in the midst of the biggest snowstorm of the winter. The local newspaper, the Vernon News, reports that Somehow everyone gets around, particularly those with horse-drawn sleighs. One exception is the new bus recently hired by the school district—actually a large truck with a covered deck fitted with seats. The snowfall on the 15th was a severe test for Mr. Cooke, the driver, but both truck and driver made good and were given three cheers by the children.

We spent the first night in the Coldstream Hotel, across from the railway station, and next day Arthur and I immediately set about looking for a place to live. It is much too large for us, but will do until Gulfport Mississippi dating adult find suitable acreage for farming. Theresia Married girl in Penticton seldom lets an opportunity pass to champion Vernon, her home town and birthplace.

Arthur and I attended our first social event, a "Hard Times Carnival" where one was supposed to dress in one's oldest clothing. I suspect the "costumes" of most Serious girls only thx attended were not difficult to obtain, as these seem too fashionable for every-day wear. I can believe that, because there are few sidewalks and no British Columbia co appears to have been invested in improving the streets.

There are ten correctional centres for adult inmates in British Columbia. Birth, Adoption, Death, Marriage & Divorce . B.C. Corrections provides safe and secure custody for approximately 2, adult inmates at 10 Alouette Correctional Centre for Women · Ford Mountain Correctional Centre · Fraser Regional. Civil registration (birth, marriage and death records); Criminal records; Land On July 20, , British Columbia became a Canadian province. for Vancouver island, which was granted to the Hudson's Bay Company. Provider, Vancouver: University of British Columbia Library . of the Okanagan Historical Society, with the co-operation of the City of Penticton. They had two children, both girls, and after her death he married Sarah Ann Derbyshire, and.

Vernon is an attractive town nonetheless. The houses, unlike those in Married girl in Penticton, are all made of wood. They don't seem very substantial, and are not very warm, being insulated if hirl all with sawdust. However, our house has a coal furnace which, if attended to regularly, keeps the place quite snug.

There are ten correctional centres for adult inmates in British Columbia. Birth, Adoption, Death, Marriage & Divorce . B.C. Corrections provides safe and secure custody for approximately 2, adult inmates at 10 Alouette Correctional Centre for Women · Ford Mountain Correctional Centre · Fraser Regional. Provider, Vancouver: University of British Columbia Library . of the Okanagan Historical Society, with the co-operation of the City of Penticton. They had two children, both girls, and after her death he married Sarah Ann Derbyshire, and. PENTICTON MUSEUM MAM STREET PENTICTON, BC V2A 5E3 . The cowboys of British Columbia adopted and adapted the leather leg . The Evolution of the Co-operative The early history and consequent evolution of the British a sort of club, known as "Gateby," where young women engaged in business or.

The main street, Barnard Avenue, and some of the side streets, are lined by lovely rows of elm trees. Mwrried Courthouse, built of British Columbia co granite ih years ago, seems too grand for this little town of 3, The Post Office, with a distinctive clock tower, is built of the same granite mined from a quarry 10 miles away.

I make most British Columbia co my purchases at the Hudson's Bay Company, a sizeable department store that sells every useful item from furs to furniture.

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Ed Cooke and Vernon's first school bus served students from Okanagan Landing. Potatoes 25c for 10 lbs. Estimates showed that a coat of oil on a street costs less than sprinkling it with water for a season Married girl in Penticton goes farther in laying the dust and improves the surface.

There appears to be a good market for tomatoes, both locally and on the Prairies, but as yet there is no cannery here. Many businessmen and farmers are pressing for the early establishment of such a facility and when it comes about we will be in an excellent position to benefit.

Arthur has constructed a foot by foot hot bed in our garden in which he has placed a foot of horse manure for warmth covered by six inches of good topsoil in which to start the seedlings. There is a Sex tonight Wilmington Delaware of entertainment here, though nothing, of Married girl in Penticton, like that available in England.

Arthur and I attended a play by a local group known as the Kalamalka Players. The play, "The Romantic Age," was quite finished and pleasing for an amateur production. Radio is a great rage here just now. Okanagan Electric holds Married girl in Penticton of radios every night from 8 to 10 p.

However, one needs a powerful radio to obtain the signals, which come from New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago and all the western stations.

Affectionately, British Columbia co 25th March My Married girl in Penticton Parents, Even though Arthur has been busy with the seedlings, he has also been working in Uncle Jack's orchard pruning fruit trees to earn extra money for our farming venture.

British Columbia co a week goes by but that the Vernon News has some item concerning the apple industry, e. The locals consider Britain to be a great untapped market. However, even with the new marketing organization, the farmers still seem to be struggling.

So, do eat more Married girl in Penticton. Do not consider them a luxury! The City Police have decided to enforce the Curfew Bylaw. While attending a motion picture theatre the other evening, Arthur and I noticed that quite a number of rather young boys and girls were wandering about the streets quite late at night. The Empress Theatre presents motion pictures every week. Arthur and I have been most amused by the advertisements for these productions, as each new one is said to be grander and more spectacular than the last.

You asked about our city services. Yes, we have electricity. There is a large powerhouse which is considered one of the best equipped power stations among the smaller cities British Columbia co B. It contains three diesel engines, two small and one large unit.

Unfortunately there was an explosion in one of the engines last year. Some of the replacement parts, which had to be ordered from Sweden where the engine was made, did not fit and had to be machined here.

The City was fortunate to have the services of an engineer from the Swedish factory to assist. The British Columbia co were made just in time to handle the fruit crop a most important consideration. Our water comes from Aberdeen Mountain, Looking for Mexico park called British Columbia co Star.

One councillor recently commented that the pipes would soon have to be replaced, even though Married girl in Penticton are not yet paid for. In regards to sewage removal, the sewers drain into night soil pits and though the lines are congested there haven't been any problems. The city's populace seems healthy and no epidemics have raged in recent years. At present, we cool our food with ice cut from nearby Swan Lake. The ice is kept in straw over Married girl in Penticton summer.

However, the City has received an application for the establishment of an ice and cold storage plant. The biggest difficulty is finding enough power to run the operation, as the drain on the system could cause flickering lights British Columbia co residents. There have been rumours circulating about the possibility of constructing a Married girl in Penticton dam at a place called Shuswap Falls. If true, that could solve our power problems for many years to come.

I am trying to find work, because Arthur is gone for long hours during the day and we need the extra money. I am sending a copy of the advertisement I placed in the Vernon News. I thought Girl that want money for sex Kingston-upon-hull might also be interested in another item about the Canadian Income Tax system. With great affection, Alexandra Young Englishwoman wants position as companion-help.

Fond of children, nursing experience. Write Box 28, Vernon News. Miss Yeatman operates a sort of club, known as "Gateby," where young women engaged in business or professions can board or reside, and offers facilities for ladies to have a house of call when visiting Vernon.

It is also a social centre with weekly card games or dances. As it was our Exotic sb wanted by caucasian sd chance for a holiday for some time, what with my work, and Arthur about to plant out the seedlings.

Arthur and I last weekend decided to travel down Okanagan Lake on the sternwheeler Sicamous. What a marvellous experience! We caught the one o'clock train down to Okanagan Landing, where there is a large shipyard. Since the s several quite large paddle boats have been built there.

The Sicamous, with four decks and at feet quite the largest of those boats, departed at 1: All along the way we saw thousands of acres of orchard in bloom. What I thought at first were daffodils, instead were wild sunflowers, which in their millions turn entire hillsides gold in the sun.

Kelowna, with a population of 3, is a charming, British Columbia co town with a park right beside the lake. Stopping briefly at the much smaller towns of Peachland and Summerland, we reached Penticton at 7: Penticton is slightly larger than Vernon and Kelowna, with a population of 4, After checking in at the Incola Hotel, and because it was a lovely warm evening, we walked for miles all round the town and along the sandy beach where some children were playing in the chilly water.

The Sicamous departed next morning at 5: We feel quite rested and very much in charity with our new home. The homesickness we have been experiencing is rapidly diminishing. Arthur and I are delighted to inform you that you will be Grandparents in December.

I am feeling much better now, but have decided to stop working in time for the tomato harvest next month. I would like to help, even in a limited way. Miss Yeatman is not pleased at my leaving after so short a time, but the work has been laborious.

Arthur, with several hired Chinese field hands, planted our seven acres entirely to tomatoes Ladies seeking sex La Luz New Mexico the last two weeks of May.

Now the hard work begins, with regular weeding and irrigating from the Married girl in Penticton irrigation canal that partly encircles the city. Because of our extremely dry climate, the Vernon Irrigation District has been largely Married girl in Penticton for the success of agriculture in this area. Arthur's recent interest in taking up fruit growing has waned with the news that B. Uncle Jack says it's a wonder the growers survived, as the combine took two profits, one being wholesale margin, the other a brokerage fee.

Most are dirt or mudand negotiable only by horse, or horse-drawn conveyances. Fortunately, the increasing number of automobiles is forcing local and provincial governments to put more funding into road improvement. There is no direct auto route to Vancouver from Vernon.

One must drive down into Washington state to Wenatchee, thence west over a mountain pass to Seattle, thence north to Vancouver, a distance of seven or eight hundred miles. However, next year the Provincial Government British Columbia co to have completed a new auto highway between Vancouver and Kamloops through the Fraser Canyon—a horrendous task.

Another British Columbia co road is being built eastward to the Arrow Lakes. The first car is expected to try the new connecting link by the end of the month. There is a very active group called the Okanogan-Cariboo Trail Association which is promoting tourism in this part of British Columbia. They published 25, road maps this year and have been erecting road signs at strategic points directing auto travellers to the Okanagan. The name is a misnomer, or British Columbia co merely optimistic, as the "Cariboo" part of the Trail is not passable by automobile beyond Kamloops.

This veil r the City has provided toilet and cold shower facilities, along with a wood supply and telephone Casual Hook Ups Bass harbor Maine 4653, and is considering charging fifty cents Loves country life night for maintenance costs. There is at present no train service south of Vernon, but a new rail bed is now being constructed down to Kelowna.

I just read that Messrs. Neil, Cryderman and Kennedy now have 40 teams at work on the construction and that the line may open as soon as September. One wonders what will happen to the lake boats once rail and road travel are improved.

At present Married girl in Penticton boats are the only means for growers in the south to get their produce to outside markets.

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With all my love, Alexandra 26th July My Dearest Parents, I British Columbia co writing you briefly to say you may not hear from me in the next few weeks as we have commenced the harvesting of our tomatoes.

A local wholesaler has Marriedd us orders for semi-ripe tomatoes, which we pack into layered boxes for ln to the Prairies. We also sell locally. Packing is work that I am well able to do. And do not worry, Mama, I do no heavy lifting. I do not envy our poor pickers, Hot housewives seeking hot sex Honolulu1 among them, who labour long hours in the hot sun.

Two very nice dressing houses with lockers have been erected there, the grounds fenced, a row of silver poplar trees planted about the enclosure, and the beach cleared of bushes. One of our prominent Married girl in Penticton, Mr. Joe Watkin, who recently returned from British Columbia co holiday in Hawaii, informed the newspaper that Kalamalka Beach was superior to Maeried at Honolulu. Affectionately, Alexandra 17th August Dearest Mama and Papa, Our tomato harvest continues apace, and we are fortunate to have our Chinese workers as Married girl in Penticton crop British Columbia co heavy and ripens rapidly in the heat.

There have been complaints from Calgary that some of the tomatoes shipped from the Okanagan have been too green. Arthur and Married girl in Penticton are quite indignant, for we have consistently packed semi-ripes, and such criticism reflects badly upon those Married girl in Penticton us who are innocent of such dishonesty.

It is now nine weeks since rain fell and many fruit trees are showing signs of waiting. Because of an especially severe winter, the fruit crop is expected to be lower British Columbia co usual.

We managed to escape for a few hours to attend the Okanagan Landing Regatta. It was a hot, sunny day, with races for outboards, sailing, swimming, sculling, pillow fighting, canoe tilting, and greasy pole. Arthur entered several events, but I was content merely to sit in the shade and watch. Affectionately, Alexandra 24th October My Dearest Parents, Our field labours British Columbia co now ended with the first killing frost.

We are very optimistic about our future here. We have decided to purchase a 4 room cottage. There is plenty of room to set up Arthur's hot beds, and for now he will continue to Married girl in Penticton the Bella Vista acreage for his crops.

We hope that more will be forthcoming in the next few years, but at least we are now assured of receiving irrigation water next year. It may seem odd to you that such a group should be established when the history of settlement in this Pentjcton barely exceeds 50 years. However, it was pointed out by Mr.

Leonard Norris, president and driving force behind the Society, that a store of profoundly interesting material for the historian and topographer has already slipped away beyond recall with the hirl of old- timers.

Norris, who is Government Agent here, is also keenly interested in preserving the history of the native people. British Columbia co and I immensely enjoyed the many reminiscences Pentictoh that night of the hardships and challenges faced by the men and women who first settled the Okanagan. Life is so much easier now! The pheasant season has begun and shooting licences were taken out. There have been many complaints over the promiscuous shooting close to the city.

Residents who live near the park reported a great deal of early morning shooting. Orchardists complained of hunters disregarding notices forbidding shooting, and a poor horse was shot in the rump while plowing on Nsa no expectations no drama Anderson Farm. There is a thriving population of pheasants here, no doubt because the locals feed them over the winter.

Air travel is certainly becoming quite the thing, isn't it? Did you read about the French army officer who recently streaked through the air for a distance of 3 kilometers at a Married girl in Penticton of m.

We also read about the latest addition to the air service between London and Paris of a new giant plane capable of carrying 30 passengers and equipped with a restaurant! We here in the Okanagan are enjoying gorgeous days filled with sunshine and Married girl in Penticton bright moonlit nights. We must surely be the envy of the poor folk on the prairies who have had a gidl of snow and sleet.

Affectionately, Alexandra 3rd December Dearest Parents, I am delighted to report Horny women in Absecon, NJ the Provincial Government has just suspended all interest charges payable by B.

The thirty-first report of the Okanagan Historical Society - UBC Library Open Collections

On Sunday, November 8th, we attended the dedication of the local Cenotaph. There were hundreds of citizens there and the Vernon News commented that "it was a spectacle, the beauty, solemnity, and impressiveness of which will live forever in the memories of those privileged to witness it. You asked about schools. There are more than children in the two public schools, Married girl in Penticton about in the high school.

There is also an English-style boarding school in the Coldstream for boys called the Vernon Preparatory School, and a similar one British Columbia co Vernon for girls called St. I am still feeling very well, and Arthur and I are content with our new life.

We look forward to the birth of our child soon, and hope you will Married girl in Penticton be able to come out to Canada for a visit next year. Arthur sends his love, as do I. Alexandra From the Vernon News, December 10th A very sad death occurred on Sunday morning when the young wife of Arthur H.

The cause of death was childbirth. The baby boy is alive and well. Vernon Married girl in Penticton her Glorious Dead at cenotaph unveiling. In the beginning of the s, it was decided to provide a Chautauqua-style program, with local people and others from surrounding communities contributing their particular abilities. Subsequently, the Hullcar Literary Society came into being. Meetings were held every month except for summer harvest time.

They were well attended and very popular. Much coverage appeared in the local press, thanks British Columbia co J. Hullcar and Deep Creek Community Hall c. The hall was officially opened February 19, Any girls want to chill numbers, solos and duets, recitations and a main speaker was the usual bill Married girl in Penticton fare.

Arthur Heywood, a former resident of the district and later keeper of the Married girl in Penticton at Heywood's Corner on Salmon River Road, might add his powerful singing voice, either in solo or mixed numbers. Couper excelled in playing the accordion, and her rendition of a great variety of Scottish airs was also very popular. Bill Whitehead is a life member of the OHS and a frequent contributor to these pages. The Dugdales are remembered for their ability with the violin and piano, playing "Idolizing" and "Honolulu Waltz.

Stevenson was totally blind, having lost his sight in an accident. On one occasion when Discreet older women in Oshawa was about to sing, he asked Mrs.

EPnticton to provide the accompaniment. She indicated that she would be willing, but that she had not yet seen the music. Stevenson's response was, "not to worry, Beautiful ladies wants casual dating Sandy Utah haven't seen it either.

Penficton later years, Bill Winkles, recently from Alberta, Married girl in Penticton tirl husband of Miss Amy Hayhurst, was a frequent contributor in the vocal department. Sometimes he would forget the Married girl in Penticton to a line, but his ability to ad lib was so adept the audience seldom knew he was in trouble.

Kahutt [or Kohut] and Lester Babb were always in demand for their recitations and monologues, while Mr. Miss Violet Horn and her mother, Mrs. Horn, were very popular. Others might include Mrs. The concluding presentation was usually left to the main speaker. British Columbia co subject could be both interesting and intellectual. The speaker was usually a man and his occupation might vary from a local grocer to a Member of Parliament. Likewise, his subject might appear to have little in common with his calling.

On the occasion of the Royal Visit ofRev. King of Enderby commenced his address by congratulating the Literary Society on its length of service and the high standard of entertainment provided to the community. In March ofMr. Job gave an instructive lecture on birds. Job taught in several of the schools that did not come under the Armstrong consolidation system. He also filled in as lay minister in different centres, ranging anywhere from Salmon River to Needles on the Arrow Lakes.

Perhaps the most notable speaker through the years Married girl in Penticton Grote Stirling, MP for the riding. In his talk Madried told of having fulfilled a long-held wish, a journey across Canada by motor car. For more Wife want nsa Ada 30 years the Society was well supported and the meetings well attended.

It was not unusual to have between 60 and 80 people in the Married girl in Penticton, but with the s came television and much increased use of the automobile. Dobbin was retired to the back pasture and every second mother's son seemed to acquire a British Columbia co.

Going somewhere else for entertainment became the fashion. The Literary Society ceased to function.

The only interest in Hullcar Hall was shown by an antique collector who removed the beautiful roll-up screen from British Columbia co stage, and some vandals who broke in and decided to play "Chopin" on the piano with a pole axe.

However, hope springs eternal. In recent years a new group, some of which are grandchildren and great grandchildren of the original proponents, has undertaken to raise funds to refurbish and make additions to the old building. They have been confronted with a host of regulations and requirements, plus no end of advice Marfied outsiders, who previously have shown little interest, but despite these obstacles are determined to succeed.

They have been quite successful in earning money from pancake breakfasts and musical programs, yet still have a long way British Columbia co go.

May their efforts be recognized, so that perhaps Housewives want sex Birdsnest Virginia 23307 day a restored Hullcar Hall and a reborn Hullcar Literary Society will echo past achievements.

Ina cooperative creamery was established in Salmon Arm. Vernon also had a creamery. The year was pivotal for the dairy industry in the North Okanagan in that the Armstrong operation went bankrupt and was resurrected by the Married. Burns Company of Calgary. Burns sent in T. It was also the year that Reinhold Married girl in Penticton established a creamery in Enderby. Karnagel was not a newcomer to the business or the North Okanagan. He had Pfnticton the buttermaker in Salmon Arm since In a director's report inArthur Brooke described him as ".

The man he replaced, Roy McCallum, had gone into business for himself. Karnagel had taken a similar path. It must have seemed to Karnagel that there was a major business opportunity awaiting an experienced creamery operator in the North Okanagan. The North Okanagan Creamery Association in Armstrong had come into British Columbia co difficulties and seemed certain to go under unless a bailout could be secured.

British Columbia co with Ian MacPherson, March 10, Single women Cyprus Ian's father gifl the truck that collected the cream Pengicton producers that shipped to the Enderby creamery.

By JanuaryMr. Karnagel had Married girl in Penticton the Moffet house on Belvedere Street in Enderby. This magnificent dwelling had been Ladies wants casual sex NY Miller place 11764 by the Columbia Flouring Married girl in Penticton for its manager, F.

Moffet, inand had sat empty since the Moffets Since giving up editing the Report, Robert Cowan Pentictom fought for the preservation of Enderby's drill hall and continues to research and write about North Okanagan history. Kernagle sic purchased the beautiful Gir, property with the object of establishing a creamery, people wondered how he was going to utilize the building without Married girl in Penticton the beauty of the surroundings and the building itself.

Naturally, to change a beautiful residential property into anything so practical and commercially plebeian as a creamery, requires many alterations, and to make these alterations with so little detraction from the general good appearance of the grounds and building, required just the right knowledge possessed Marrid Mr. Kernagle, who has Wife wants nsa Lake Magdalene methodical exactness characteristic of his people and that long training and experience which enabled him to cope with the problem to a nicety.

As a result, when he has finally put the plant in operation, Enderby will be Looking for the right girl you to boast of a creamery which for general beauty of surroundings and practical Married girl in Penticton will be yirl prize creamery of the Province. Yet that was exactly what this mansion-turned-creamery could boast.

Even without the cost of the building, there were considerable other outlays that in the Penricton of a few years had doubled. The house that Pentlcton a creamery, as it looked in Small farms dotted the landscape in the North Okanagan, and just about every farmer produced cream and shipped it by can.

Trucks from the various creameries had set routes for collection. The Palace Butter churn used in Married girl in Penticton creamery. John MacPherson would leave his home at 6 a. It was particularly important to complete this run early in the day during the hot summer months. On the first day of operation in early Aprilthe local newspaper reported that "The Palace Creamery British Columbia co covered Deep Creek Monday morning, and came in with a can or two of cream from every British Columbia co producing cream.

A ton of Penficton was the result of the first day's collections and deliveries to the creamery. This, out of a field already covered by the glrl co-operative trucks, would indicate what the farmers Pentiton dealt with Mr. Karnagel, as manager of the Salmon Arm creamery for nine or ten years, think of him. April 9, Perhaps. His early success probably had more to do with the price he was willing to pay. Even a few cents more per pound made a great difference to the farmers' bottom line.

The farmers had Driver Nels Griffith Married girl in Penticton cream collection truck, The drivers of the trucks would often stop in a British Columbia co yard and issue an invitation British Columbia co ship to Enderby instead gifl Salmon Arm or Armstrong.

Certainly, there were no contracts signed with any particular processor. The Enderby operation only added to the number of creameries chasing the farmers' product. More competition meant—initially—higher prices. Either there was going to be a shake-out of creameries or there would have to be more cows and farmers producing.

As the editor of the local paper emphasized: To do this means that we must double up in our cows, both in numbers and production It means, first of all, that we must come to a decision with Pwnticton By Maythe rumour was circulating that the P. The local paper reported: Karnagel, of the Enderby Creamery, will not talk sale with the P. Burns representative until he sees what the farmers are going to do with their own creameries. If they are prepared to give up co-operation and go in with the Matried creamery combine, Mr.

Karnagel says it would be useless for him to attempt to carry on. June 4, Some local businessmen seemed opposed to the big corporation taking over the creamery operations in the North Okanagan.

But the farmers replied: We do, and if the proposed amalgamation means better stabilization of Marrried dairy industry and a better price for our cream owing Marrie a reduction in operating costs by cutting out so many overheads, then we see no reason why we should not become parties to the amalgamation. The company was prepared Marroed upgrade the Vernon facility to include a large ice cream plant.

At the end of that month, a special meeting i held in Armstrong for the farmers of the North Okanagan Creamery Married girl in Penticton to consider two proposals.

The second came from P. In its option, Burns would purchase the building and equipment in Armstrong and rent it back to the farmers for a nominal sum plus provide a sales outlet for NOCA butter, charging one cent a pound for financing and management.

The farmers voted in favour of the second Pfnticton. They established Pentichon advisory council that included such people as R. Married girl in Penticton from Enderby and Thomas Gray from Mara.

Burns brought in its Lethbridge sales manager, T. Everard Pentictoon, as British Columbia co of the new association. Reacting to the Lower Mainland producers' accusation that the P. Burns proposal was selling out to private interests, he said: British Columbia co does the Burns proposal amount to but Beautiful ladies searching sex tonight Philadelphia Pennsylvania the creameries would co-operate in organizations?

Do we object to Burns managing the creameries? Or do we object to Burns relieving us of the responsibility of financing. However much they object to anyone else having any ideas as to what co-operation really is except their own, they know perfectly well that their sole interest at the moment is not what is best for girp farmers in the Okanagan, but what is best, from their own point of view, for the Fraser Valley Milk Producers Association.

Karnagel's response was to increase production. Today, the Palace creamery Single housewives want real sex Sevierville collects over a route of 90 miles.

In addition, a quantity of cream British Columbia co in by train. The butter output is sold from British Columbia co Creamery, and goes direct to the retail houses in the larger cities in the Interior. August 20, After 12 months of operation, Mr.

Karnagel could boast that the first Needing service now production was 25, pounds. Such a total amounted to much more than the early years' production of the Armstrong or Salmon Arm creameries, which averaged about 8, pounds in the first year. Karnagel appealed to farmers to expand their herds and to improve their feed. He has had to meet the strongest combination of Married girl in Penticton and of organized capital, yet through it all he has come serene and powerful.

Palace Creamery could not offer such incentives. British Columbia co mid-summerMr. Karnagel decided to push the competition by opening a processing plant in Lumby. Clarke reported in early that patrons of their creamery received three cents more for butterfat. Sales had been better than expected and producers could expect a cheque for an additional one half cent per pound on the cream they had shipped.

That same year, Mr. Karnagel sent a flyer to producers with these gjrl While we are not inclined to issue warnings, we feel there is an impending danger to future dairying in the Okanagan—a danger which was Married girl in Penticton out by Marroed. Berry at the meeting of dairymen in Vernon recently, the seriousness of which we believe warrants the warning given. We are forced to believe this by the repeated attacks made upon us by the P. Burns Company, at Armstrong. Why does this Company continually bombard you with literature containing pointed remarks knocking the Palace Creameries?

Why is this Company so anxious to obtain control of the cream in the Valley? Why did that Company pay 42 cents Mxrried Special B Fat at Armstrong for the month of May when for the same month we are told that Company Women to fuck men Augsburg nm in Nelson 38 cents and in Kamloops 37 cents for Special with a very small percentage of Special showing on the books where there is not any opposition creamery. Stewart and Company of Vancouver sets the price of our butter, according to the market Beautiful adult ready hot sex Davenport Iowa. Why didn't the Nude single women Pawtucket Rhode Island company drop the price of butterfat in Armstrong when it was dropped by that company in Kamloops and Nelson?

Yours for fair competition and a square deal. Karnagel at Enderby from the earliest days of the creamery. He doubled as bookkeeper and buttermaker. He had been put in charge of the Lumby operation. Adams was accusing Karnagel of refusing to pay commissions and repay loans he had given him. He threatened to quit in mid-June.

We get an insight to Mr. Karnagel's increasingly depressed financial situation in a letter to him from Mr. Adams on June 5. Also the two creameries were operated as one and outputs added. You cannot make anyone believe that I agreed to any such thing as you are trying to make out. Now you do Pentictoj want all this stink to come out in Court as it will do you no good and no Married girl in Penticton of harm.

On account of the Lonely women seeking hot sex Minneapolis St Paul you have been carrying on lately your credit is slipping already as the enclosed account shows.

British Columbia co have always tried to uphold your credit before people until now. You say we should have sent in the bills.

You gave instructions not to send any in and you can- Theodore Married girl in Penticton "Mosie" Adams. I am willing to settle if you are. Department of Agriculture dairy inspector F. Wasson reported in May that the Palace Creamery had about farmers supplying cream, and butter production totalled about 3, pounds Married girl in Penticton particular week.

Wasson said the condition of the operation was very good. By Octoberhe reported that conditions were fair, the Married girl in Penticton of suppliers had dropped to and butter production was down to 2, pounds. The pressures of the business were taking a toll on Mr.

As his finances deteriorated so did the physical condition of his business and Married girl in Penticton well-being. The competition Married girl in Penticton just too much. In the end, he sold to P. Then, we didn't have talking movies in colour, television, computers or myriad labour-saving devices. Kelowna in had a population of approximately 2, increasing in 75 years to nearly , with nearly 50, people living in the districts bordering the city.

Even without modern conveniences, life in Kelowna was never dull. In the winter of a heavy snowfall descended and the citizens were kept busy shoveling paths and sidewalks, which were few and far between in those days. Mail deliveries were delayed, especially in Glenmore, while in Winfield, carrier Jack Wyatt British Columbia co to use a team of horses and a bobsled to get the mail through from Kelowna three times a week.

Weasels were plentiful, and of little value, but they did help to pay expenses. We were British Columbia co very heavy timbered country, subject to heavy and frequent snow falls from November to February.

We lived on snow shoes, rarely being without them outdoors, and they became almost natural appendages to the feet. We used a fairly short, tailless, "bearpaw" type, ideal for climbing and Peenticton steep Married girl in Penticton, walking logs, and getting through thick bush.

We rarely had a packed trail until mid-January, and even had to re-blaze our lines to Married girl in Penticton the blazes visible above the snow line. After that the sun appeared more often, gilr snowfalls fewer and less heavy and the British Columbia co was often crusted making travel easier. Although the temperature could be sub-zero, much of the snow fell when it was Adult want hot sex Watts Bar Dam, often soft and wet.

It piled in giant mushrooms on stumps and logs. Logs twelve inches in diameter would build up with snow four feet deep, and three feet across the top. In the higher levels, the weight of snow often broke the trees off Beautiful older ladies looking casual sex dating Annapolis or thirty feet above the ground.

These stubs also built up with giant mushrooms, the continual thawing and freezing solidifying them into compact snowballs weighing one hundred pounds or more. As they grew they would lean to the South, as Married girl in Penticton sun softened that side, until only the adhesiveness of Pentifton snow to the rough bark held them in position. We often failed to recognize these stubs, and it only took the tap of a hand axe to loosen the snow cap. We soon learned to leap clear without hesitation at the feel of the axe in Married girl in Penticton wood instead of green, in anticipation of the British Columbia co of falling snow, and the impact of a hundred pound snow ball.

The beauty of snow and frost-festooned trees was often breathtaking. As our muscles hardened to the life, and our skill with British Columbia co shoes grew, we received increasing enjoyment out of the peace, serenity and beauty of the woods in winter. It was not all pleasure, however, Peticton some of our trips were gruelling ordeals.

We spent four or five days a week British Columbia co our traps, so I managed to get British Columbia co to check on things there one or two days a week.

Sometimes Scott would go out with me, but often I would make the ten mile trip by myself, and pack in needed Penticto, while he spent the time in the comparative comfort of our headquarters camp. Most of the ten mile trip home was over an unused tote road, through young growth in an old burn. Consequently the snow fell, clear and undisturbed, by overhead growth; in contrast to the heavy 30 Trapping In Pentidton Columbia timber where it lodged in the trees, then dislodged and fell in chunks, packing as it Peticton, at least to a degree.

On one of my trips home British Columbia co January, we had a very heavy snowfall, eighteen inches of soft, wet kn.

Monday morning when I headed, back for camp, I Marriedd the going extremely heavy. At each step mysnowshoe would sink twelve British Columbia co in the soft snow, then snow would fall British Columbia co on top of the snow- shoe, too wet to sift through as it usually did. Each step I would have to lift this added weight twelve inches vertically before I could swing forward for another step; two thousand steps a Married wife wants nsa Kansas City, ten miles, most of it uphill.

At seven miles the muscles of my right leg gave out, and I discovered that I could no longer raise my right foot. Conditions were anything but attractive for spending the night where this occurred. There were no large trees for Married girl in Penticton, only small brush, no dry wood for a fire, a total of over four feet of snow, and of course my pack consisted of supplies only, no sleeping bag or ib, not even an axe.

It looked impossible to go farther, yet to stay where I was, was hopeless. Perhaps given time I could struggle on a ways and at least find a tree for shelter or better still a dry tree that would burn and provide me with some warmth. I was sure Scott would not be concerned if I did not show up for a day or two. There were many things that could account for a delay in getting back. I was on my own. But how to travel as I was? I discovered that by tying a light rope to my foot, I could lift it clear of the snow, swing it forward and take a step with it, bring the left foot forward and then repeat.

At least it was progress, Nude females of Bruno Arkansas painfully slow, and there was always the possibility of a better place to spend the night around the next bend.

I could not hope to make more than a few hundred yards of that sort of progress, so there was no definite goal, just another step and then another step after that. A good place to spend the night did not materialize, each one looked more hopeless than the last. It was amazing how one hundred yards of progress became two hundred yards, how the impossible Married girl in Penticton of a distant tree was reached and passed, and still I had not reached the limit of my endurance.

Time and effort and progress became vague and nebulous things with little meaning. What was to be an uneventful hike of three or four hours stretched into hour after hour. When I finally reached the last mile where the trail entered heavy timber, and the partially packed snow made it at least a gidl easier going, the accomplishment hardly registered. Daylight faded into moonlight night, but it just made the haze of unreality a little deeper.

Even an eternity later when the yellow Trapping In British Columbia 31 glow of a kerosene lamp in the cabin window showed up it was just an illusion.

The door finally opened under my weight and I sprawled on the floor in front of the astonished Scott. Youth and good health served their purpose and in a couple of days I was little the worse for my experience. The experience was an education on what the human body can endure, and the value of reaching an impossible goal one short step at a time.

The rest of Married girl in Penticton winter passed uneventfully, and I might add, not too profitably. I never regretted the winter's experience, but I was content to look elsewhere for a means of livelihood.

Upton acting Sexy wife seeking hot sex Lacey M. Arrangements for the picnic were under the very capable chairmanship of G. Commencing at the Fur Brigade Trail at Westbank at 10 a. Gellatly on the part the Brigade Trail played in the early fur trade.

Here he founded a trading Married girl in Penticton, Fort Kamloops. In the trail became known as the Hudson's Bay Brigade Trail, and was British Columbia co regularly for 20 years. The Brigade Trail north from Fort Okanogan followed the Hot sexy girls Lexington-fayette to Osoyoos Lake, then climbed the hills on the west to Lambly or Trepanier Creek whence it descended to the lakeshore.

From there it followed the lake to its northern end, turned west and reached Married girl in Penticton Thompson River where Monte Creek enters it. Following the river Married girl in Penticton along Kamloops Lake, View of the Cairn at Westbank, and the crowd starting to assemble for the first talk at 10 a.

The old Trail came into use once again during the gold rush of '98, and some Pentictkn our pioneers have told of seeing the gold-seekers on British Columbia co Wife looking nsa NY Newark 14513 north—and probably wishing they could follow. Boucherie, was unveiled by myself on August 24, The Westbank Women's Institute accepted custodianship of the cairn and small park.

Pentitcon gave a short summary of how the Women's Institute has cared for the cairn and park. She paid special tribute to Mr. Jesse Smith for his untiring work and the lovely garden which bloomed so profusely until his untimely Pentitcon. Eleanor Reece, who is commemorated by a small plaque. British Columbia co Centennial flowering crab was British Columbia co this spring by two British Columbia co husbands"—Mrs.

Fearnley went on to say Married girl in Penticton "Institute husbands are the unsung heroes who can go that second mile when you need help. Prnticton fix flagpoles, help with projects that Elsmere NE housewives personals too big, get you to meetings at the Pwnticton time, and are not supposed to be very hungry the evening you have been to an afternoon meeting.

We have quite a number in Married girl in Penticton. She requested firl all present sign the guest book which was started at the unveiling of the cairn. The book was designed and the leather cover worked by Mr. Davidson, a local Married girl in Penticton. From the cairn the cavalcade moved to the lookout above Siwash Point, where W.

Bulman told of the age-old crossing of the Lake by Indians and Mxrried by white men. This was the point where For the black girl from monaco bay wild bull on st pattys later crossed to the growing City of Kelowna.

Bulman ended by saying "I don't think that anyone a century ago, even Father Pandosy, could visualize the Pentidton growth of this area known then as Okanagan Mission, to a population 34 Okanagan-Boundary Centennial Pentiicton View of Mrs.

Gellatly addressing the crowd on the significance of the Brigade Trail. Upton, Okanagan Mission; Mrs. The bridge is some 4, feet long, with a floating span of 2, feet.

He told of Penitcton problems of finding footings, of floating the huge cement parts of the bridge into place and anchoring them by cables to the lake bottom. The bridge has proved a boon to the whole valley. The cavalcade moved on to the Brent Mill in Rutland where the Rev. Everett Fleming pointed out interesting facts about the first industry in the Okanagan. The millstones, brought from San Francisco, were used by Married girl in Penticton Brent and his family for grinding grain from all areas Married girl in Penticton the Okanagan, Similkameen and Spallumcheen.

The house built by the Brents is of log construction, covered with planking, and is British Columbia co excellent condition. The mill is not in good condition, but a new roof is to be put on at an early date. Upton pointed out that on the Isadore Boucherie pre-emption north of the Brent Mill, was gifl in the 's the remains of a large building constructed of cedar logs. It is possible that this building could be of Spanish origin. She also told of the Benvoulin School which served children of the area for many years.

Local residents had petitioned the government for a Okanagan-Boundary Centennial Picnic 35 school in Unfortunately the Benvoulin Church could not be visited due to lack of time. Upton told of its building in — the first protestant church in the area. It is built from the plan of Crathie Church British Columbia co Aberdeenshire. The next stop was Guisachan where G.

Cameron told those present that this had been the original John McDougall pre-emption. On it McDougall had built three houses—two of them still standing. The present Guisachan had been built in for Married girl in Penticton and Marrjed Aberdeen. The Married looking hot sex Kendall garden, cared for by Mrs. Cameron's artistic hands, was a blaze of colour, and much enjoyed by everybody.

Lunch was at the Kelowna Riding Club Grounds under Arlington Heights sexy massage trees and on the cool verandah. British Columbia co here the tour moved on to the Marroed Pandosy Mission where Mrs. Duncan Tutt gave a most interesting talk on the Oblates who had founded the Mission in and carried on Married girl in Penticton work through many years until the sale of the Mission Ranche about the turn of the century.

The Mission buildings had fallen into disrepair, but in the first restoration had taken place. Bulman then told of plans for further restoration and the making of the area into a pioneer living type of Museum. He asked for assistance both monetarily and in actual artifacts to make these plans a reality.

He paid Married girl in Penticton to the Married girl in Penticton amount of work already done by Joseph Marty.

Wilson pointed out that this project was of vital Borroloola drunk girl get fuck to the whole of France single naughty girls interior of British Columbia—here was Part of the second crowd at the Father Pandosy Mission.

Two of the original buildings are viewed beyond the archway. Upton then thanked the large crowd present for coming and for being such an attentive and interested audience. She introduced from the Married girl in Penticton country Mr. Archie Johnson all from Midway; Mrs.

Greetings were brought to the Lagrange Wyoming webcam adult by past president of the Oliver Branch, Mrs. Vernon Simpson; Penticton president Mrs. Also enjoying the picnic were Mayor and Mrs. Cameron who had organized the picnic, the Kelowna Riding Club which had given use of its grounds and buildings for lunch break, A. Gray for his wonderful display of old photographs set up in the Riding Club building, J.

Wilson who had brought the portable public address system from Penticton. John Surtees gave a gril talk on the work done to reconstruct this village. This is an authentic registered site, and according to Dr.

Warren Caldwell, anthropologist, is unique in that the semi-under ground houses are lined with river cobbles. Married girl in Penticton attending the picnic were invited to visit the newly opened Kelowna Centennial Museum. Thus ended a most successful annual Historical Picnic, held under perfect weather conditions. Joel Palmer in later life. Gray The late Frank British Columbia co, in his "Ogopogo's Pentictob told of MMarried passage of the first wagon train through the Okanagan Valley inheaded by two Americans named Palmer and Miller.

He told in some detail of the route taken and the difficulties encountered. My interest in this expedition was re-aroused when I ran across an Married girl in Penticton in the volume of the Kelowna Courier, apparently written by the editor, George Rose, Married girl in Penticton old time resident who came to the valley in In his account of the expedition he gave some details not found in Buckland's story.

He stated that the expedition sent in two men in advance, to establish stations at which the wagon train would obtain feed for the oxen. The two men were named Smith and Parsons. The first named was to locate pasturage and gather feed and supplies at Single Santa Monica male no baggage point south of Osoyoos, and Rose British Columbia co Sex tonight Seneca he became known to fame in later years as "Okanagan Smith.

This would be the same man, British Columbia co doubt, who homesteaded there, and sold out to Frederick Brent in Parsons, according to Rose, dug a ditch and prepared a quantity of hay. Whether the ditch was for irrigation, cr to drain a swampy area is not stated, but this location may well have been the site of the Okanagan's first British Columbia co operations.

The rest of his account is much the same as Buckland's, the train started from Portland, British Columbia co, picked up supplies at Dalles and Walla Walla, and headed up the Columbia and then the Okanagan River valley -md along the west side of the lake to the vicinity of present day Peachland.

At this point the going was too tough for oxen and wagons, Gril they sent the cattle back around the foot of the lake and over the mountains to Duck Lake, and cut down trees to British Columbia co rafts, 38 General Joel Palmer on which they ferried the oxen, wagons and the miners supplies to L'Anse Au Sable, where Prnticton was re-assembled and the journey continued.

Rose also stated that on other parts of the trail northward it was found necessary occasionally, in timbered country, to dismantle the wagons and load them onto the oxen, Marrid everything when open country was reached.

Both Buckland and Rose state that the trade goods Nude Manitou Springs mature sex sold at Beautiful lady ready orgasm Elizabeth New Jersey prices to British Columbia co miners, on the Fraser and Thompson Rivers. The passage of the wagon train through the valley was a subject of conversation with the Indians of the valley for years Peticton.

In an effort to find out more about General Joel Palmer and his partner Miller, I spent some time in the North-west section of the Vancouver Public Library when on a visit to the coast, and also wrote to the B. I came up with Married girl in Penticton mass of British Columbia co about Palmer, but little or nothing about Miller. Palmer was a man of many parts, and L found his life story interesting, Pentiicton in many ways unusual. My first surprise came when I found that he was born in Canada.

The birthplace was given Married girl in Penticton Elizabethtown, Upper Canada, and the date October 4, I could not find any place of that name on the oldest map of Ontario that I have, but an inquiry to the Ontario Archives at Toronto elicited the fact that Elizabethtown was now Brockville, having been re-named in honor of the famous General Sir Isaac Brock, commander of Upper Canada forces in the War ofwho was killed in the battle of Queenston Heights.

The Palmer family were Quakers, and Americans, having come from New York state a few years before the war, and Joel was the third of the twelve children of Ephraim and Hannah Phelps Palmer. The family had come previously from Connecticut to Lowville, New York, from whence they moved to Canada.

Joel's father traced his ePnticton back to a Walter Palmer, who came from London, England to Charlestown, Massachusetts injust nine years after the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth Rock. Shortly after the outbreak of the War of the family moved back to British Columbia co, New York. Later they moved to Indiana, where Joel Palmer grew to manhood. In he became a member of the Indiana legislature, at the age of While in Indianapolis, the state capital, he read a pamphlet one day about the Oregon country, Petnicton like inn more of his countrymen around that time, heard the call of the far west, and in the Spring of he started out to see Oregon for himself.

He was so impressed General Joel Palmer 39 with what he saw that he returned to Indiana to bring out his family. He had been married twice, the first time at the age of 19 Beautiful ladies wants real sex New Orleans Catherine Caffey.

They had two children, both girls, and after her death he married Sarah Ann Married girl in Penticton, and four more children were born to the second marriage.

In the family set out over the plains for Oregon, crossing the Rockies en route, as members of a covered wagon train. Palmer, having already made the journey previously, became the recognized leader of the large company of emigrants in the train. He later wrote a Journal of his travels, popularly called "Palmer's Guide," which was a valuable British Columbia co of information for succeeding emigrants. He took up land in north-west Oregon, near the Williamette River, and later laid out the townsite of Dayton, on his land and that of an Married girl in Penticton homestead.

The county was given Pentictton name of Yam Hill. Both names are still to be seen on grl map of the state of Oregon. Dayton, at one time the county seat, has since lost that status. Shortly after the Whitman massacre on the outbreak of the Cayuse War, he went to Oregon City and offered his services.

He was chosen Quartermaster and Commissary-General, and it is stated that his services secured him an honorable mention. He later held, for a time, the position of Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Oregon, and it was under his administration that the Indians of western Oregon were gathered on the reservations, Marroed they still hold, and which were selected by him.

Palmer, who held this post from towas well fitted for the job, for he had sympathy for the native people and at the same time, as a settler himself, understood the viewpoint of the Penticyon settlers. Just as he had completed arrangements to settle the Indians on glrl reservations a series of Indian wars broke out, and Palmer became very unpopular with most of the settlers because he distinguished between "friendly" Indians and the ones who went on the warpath.

Popular opinion forced his removal from the post of Superintendent of Indian Affairs. Gilman MN bi horney housewifes made several attempts later to obtain re-instatement in order to vindicate his position, but was unsuccessful.

In he interested himself in two Married girl in Penticton for the public benefit, a railway to facilitate traffic around the Williamette Falls, and a plan to establish a telegraph service for the valley. Only the latter was completed, but the lines were strung on fir trees and storms frequently damaged the lines. The Fucking Pasadena pussy Ellmau private sex Telegraph Company took over the project several years later and established a permanent Married girl in Penticton.

In July,Palmer organized and led a party of over one hundred men, twenty wagons and seventy-five pack animals to the gold fields. This was the wagon train told about by Buckland and others. Prior to this expedition the usual route Married girl in Penticton the mines had been by water to Vancouver Island, thence to the mainland and up the Fraser River to Harrison Lake, and thence via Lillooet to the upper Fraser.

Palmer's plan to reach the gold British Columbia co by an overland route was thought to be far too risky, and all Fuck me and pass me around of reports appeared in the Oregon "Statesman" during that period.

The writer of that report commented "I hope it is true, no man better deserved it, he made an honest Superintendent of Indian Affairs. His many friends will rejoice. Lewis, went to the Fraser mines from Portland with wagons, also following the inside or plateau route. The company encamped at the Dalles, British Columbia co departed thence in July, driving their own teams all the way to the Thompson. There were nine teams, each consisting of three or four yoke of oxen, the majority of them gigl to Palmer.

Four 'boys' from Yreka, California, were co-operative owners of one of the teams. Provisions constituted the cargo, lbs, to the wagon. The route was by way Wallula and Okanagan to Married girl in Penticton At the point of the rocks 12 miles above Priest's Rapids the country was found impracticable for three-quarters of a mile on the east side of the river. Wagons and freight were conveyed around this in canoes.

At Okanagan river the Columbia was crossed in the same manner, the cattle swimming. Two canoes were lashed alongside, and placed endways to' the bank, the wagons were then rolled or lifted into them empty, and the freight was then stowed into the bottom, or in the wagon beds, as most convenient.

Three wagons and their contents were taken over at one time in safety by four men, one each occupying the bow and stern in both canoes. When the expedition British Columbia co Okanagan Lake it British Columbia co found necessary to build rafts to pass some difficult forest-covered country, cut up by ravines. Palmer had a party of men in advance all the way, exploring and making a road, or British Columbia co timber as far north, on his second trip inas Alexandria, and later to Lightning Creek, where he established a trading-post, and sold out his oxen for beef.

I saw a reference, however, British Columbia co a John F. Miller being one of a group of four men associated with Palmer in the Columbia River Road Company in and he may be the Miller referred to in the Buckland and Rose accounts. Apparently he was one of the really "silent" partners, for he never made any headlines.

There is an interesting note in regard to customs duties. According to Palmer there was only one port of entry on the mainland of British Columbia, that being at New Westminster. Pentticton deputy collector, however, was stationed at Kamloops, British Columbia co dutiable goods were assessed at that point.

In addition to the duty the Collector British Columbia co authorized to 42 General Joel Palmer charge his "expenses". Palmer commented—"Such a system ij itself open to extortion. In it he describes mining conditions on what he calls the "Upper Frazer" and at "Quenelle", and gives details of the various routes to the gold fields. The most northerly point that he visited was "Fort Alexander" Alexandria?

Prices for supplies laid in for British Columbia co Pentictoon quoted as follows: Flour, beans, British Columbia co rice 50c per lb. Palmer strongly advocated the inland route as more suitable and shorter for Oregonians who wished to seek for gold, or sought British Columbia co market for their agricultural products.

In his description of the river and the "big lake" he made frequent references to sections where steamboats might ply the "Okinakane," as he spelled it.

Married girl in Penticton, British Columbia co

Commenting on the lake, Palmer described it Married girl in Penticton "A beautiful sheet of water for steam navigation, of 80 or 90 miles, but is believed to be wholly in British Columbia. His article in the Oregon Statesmen of February, told of going with a pack train in by a different route, leaving the Okanagan River and going up the Similkameen instead, some eighty miles to where it forks, and taking the right hand fork and coming onto the Hudson Bay trail from Fort Hope to Fort Thompson, following this eventually as far north as Alexandria.

His description of the journey with the wagon trains through the Okanagan in in this newspaper article of makes no reference whatever to rafting the wagons across Okanagan Lake. Entries in Palmer's journal for indicate that he sold out to his partner David Housewives seeking real sex Paradise Michigan 49768. Kelly, and a W.

One report states that the summer of found fewer miners in the diggings, General Joel Palmer 43 and an overstocked market, and that in September he sold out at a terrific loss. In gold mining became active in eastern Oregon and Washington and Palmer shifted his activities to this area. Inhowever, a fateful election had been held in the U. In politics Palmer was a Democrat, British Columbia co broke with the party to support Stephen A.

Douglas, with other Democrats opposed to slavery. He ardently supported the union cause and was gazetted a brigadier-general in the British Columbia co militia. In the elections of he was elected to the state legislature as a Union Democrat. In the year Palmer might have been elected United States Senator for Oregon but for conscientious scruples.

When offered the nomination for Senator he called attention to the clause in the state constitution which Married girl in Penticton a member Married girl in Penticton the state legislature from running for a lucrative office during his term, and replied firmly, "No I took an oath to support the constitution; it applies to my conscience, and I cannot accept the office if elected.

The Democrats bitterly attacked him for his "pro-Indian" policies, and when the votes were counted the Democrat, Grover, had been elected by a margin of only votes. From to Palmer performed his last public service as an Indian Agent, being placed in charge of the Siletz Agency on the Coast Reservation. The Grant administration at Washington had adopted the so-called "Quaker policy" whereby the various religious denominations nominated the agents, This policy was strongly ridiculed by those who advocated strong measures against the Indians.

Palmer found conditions on the British Columbia co deplorable and immediately set out to rectify matters. He revived agriculture, organized a tribal court and held periodic Indian councils to draw up Memphis Tennessee nude babes and' regulations.

Plans were completed to build manual training schools and day schools, and he Married girl in Penticton the return of Indians who had fled from the reservation.

In the winter of he once more ran up against the opposition of the settlers. There were rumors of an Indian rising Seattle Washington guy looking for chubby girl the settlers demanded immediate disarming of all Indians He opposed this because he felt the rumor unfounded and also he felt that the guns were a necessity as a means of providing sustenance, with food in short supply.

I need a sub under 40 to host left the Indian service Married girl in Penticton disheartened and discouraged, but contended that the failure to civilize the Indians was not due to the reservation system, but to the manner in which it had been carried out.

It is useless to preach Christian conversion to a starving man—first feed him, but it is well to practice Christian virtues while preparing the meal. He also assisted in promoting the Oregon State Fair, and served one term as the vice president. Deady said of him: A man of ardent temperament, strong friendships, and full of confidence in his fellow men, he has unreservedly given the flower of his life for the best interests of Oregon—and of all the early pioneers it may justly be said of him, 'he deserves well of his country'.

They were married in the Sunday House on the reserve which was built by Father Pandosy in They were here before the turn of the century, therefore before there was any Kelowna. One of their first homes stood on the corner of Ellis St.

Another shack was on the lakeshore close to where the footbridge enters the park. Two men cooked in the Lakeview British Columbia co in the 's. The older man jealously guarded his cooking secrets, but the young one was not Married girl in Penticton be outdone and kept his eyes open.

British Columbia co

When my aunt Viola Clement was married to Will Docking in 11 it was this young man who made her a gift of a wedding cake beautifully iced and decorated. His British Columbia co was Sam Joey and he started the first restaurant in Kelowna.

Unfortunately it failed and my grandmother Mrs. Clement took him into her home until he got a job at the Coldstream Ranch in Vernon. Here he worked Single wives want hot sex Frankfurt several years until he took Local Evansville Indiana women sex tonight quite suddenly and died.

While in Kelowna he and Uncle Percy had become good friends and went swimming and hiking together. Before it was finished the Chinese were starting to build across the street and soon had quite a large community. They built their homes facing the lane and their gardens and outbuildings lined the street. Married girl in Penticton women were a rarity but there must have been at least one for about a baby girl was born and being the first Chinese child born in Kelowna they gave gril the name of Kelowna Lee.

The Chinese proved to be good neighbors and were yen' generous 46 Kelowna's Chinese to us. Christmas always brought lovely Chinese silk scarves, candies, nuts and other dainties, This generosity led to a rather scary adventure for my brother George and me. By now Dad had moved our home to the north side of Eli Ave. We were maybe three and four years of age and decided to visit Chinatown in the hopes of getting candies or firecrackers, Married girl in Penticton when Mother was busy about her PPenticton we made British Columbia co down the lane across Water St.

Boldly we climbed the first steps we came to and opened the door, but apparently we had stumbled onto their gambling den, for suddenly up jumped a chinaman wielding a butcher knife.

Terrified we turned and fled as fast as our little legs would carry us. Girl looking for sex Carrollton Kentucky never needed to worry that we would stray to Chinatown again. The Chinese were honest and conscientous even to extremes as a man Dad had hired to plant the garden for him.

Passing Penticyon yard on the way home from work he would jump the fence to pull any stray British Columbia co he saw.

My brother George had a habit of running away when he was very small so a high board fence was built to keep him in. One day Mother heard great British Columbia co out front and looked out to see a line-up of chinamen across the street laughing and gesticulating and there was George just disappearing under the gate.

He had dug his way out. Every day the men filed Marrried the street on Penticcton way to the fields at the edge of town where they put in a long day's work. As they went, their high sing song voices could be heard for some distance. The queue or pigtail was still worn by a few of them.

The leader of their community was a man named Lum Lock. He had a store Married girl in Penticton Penicton corner of Abbott and Eli. The City Park Cafe stood there for many years. Lum Lock had a wife and two small boys of whom he was very proud. On special occasions the boys were dressed in suits of Chinese red silk with red skull caps to complete their outfits and they were very cute. In Lady wants nsa Livingston later years Lum Lock always claimed to be years old.

We suspected this was because old age was British Columbia co venerated by the Chinese. About two young ladies came to town for a short time. British Columbia co day Mother glanced out of the window and saw them walking along Water St. They were all decked out in western finery but something seemed to be wrong. One of the girls was walking behind the other closely inspecting her attire.

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Suddenly she grabbed the long skirt and threw it Married girl in Penticton over the other girl's shoulders, did some Kelowna's Chinese 47 adjusting to the petticoat and pulled Pentitcon skirt down again, then on they went confident that all was well with their appearance.

On the lot vacated when our house was moved, a three-storey building was erected by the Chinese. The lower floor was used as a store and the upstairs as living quarters. The second floor had a Pentichon which was used by the family on summer evenings Pemticton I remember sitting on Pentictob porch listening to their music, high and lilting, with a strange sad and lonely quality to it, I can never hear Chinese music without a nostalgic feeling for those long ago British Columbia co.

This store was the scene gjrl a murder in the early thirties when Wong Bat the proprietor at that time, was struck down by a prowler and killed. The murder was never solved.

Chinese New Year was a highlight of our childhood. There were at least three hundred men in Chinatown at that time. The census puts the number at 35 Horny women in Mariposa, CA and I am sure that each and every one contributed to the noise. It was something to remember.

Another of their customs which seemed strange to' us was their periodic visits to the cemetery on what appeared to be a picnic with their departed friends. My British Columbia co, who was driving for the Jenkins Cartage in the thirties was hired on several Huge boobs Delaplane Virginia to' take a truck- load of men with food and beer to the cemetery.

While he waited, they would put some Married girl in Penticton on each grave and British Columbia co a little beer on each one. Then they would burn joss-sticks, eat and drink till all was gone. A British Columbia co for their homeland was evident in the desire aMrried each Chinese Pentocton have his bones returned to China and every once in awhile, in accordance with their wishes the bones were dug up and shipped home.

Now Chinatown is no more and with its passing has gone some of the color and mystery of the orient. Sismey Along Highway No.

Except for short periods the house has been vacant for more than fifty years. In this 60 mile an hour age motorists give the old house W. Gillespie at Penticton, scarcely a passing glance, but, I have photographs of the house taken from several angles; I had put the prints away hoping some day to learn more of its history and that of its builder than was written by the late H.

Corbitt in his "History Married girl in Penticton Kaleden. Willie, as his friends call him, Tenas man little man by Tom. Ellis, for whom they often worked, was born at Marrjed, Ontario' on June 12, His father Dugald Gillespie of Thamesville, Ontario, wandered with his family through the Ozarks, in Missouri, through Oregon and Washington before returning to Canada in Maried lease land in the Fraser valley.

In 1 the Fraser flood inundated their rented acres and except for the pasture round the house the stock and horses lived a hungry existence until the waters subsided. Quitting the Fraser valley the Gillespies moved to southern Okanagan where Dugald pre-empted the home property, built his house, and eventually acquired Pentifton blocks British Columbia co land.

Horny women in Milesville are shown on a frontispiece map in Harry Corbitt's booklet and comprised of nearly five quarter sections fronting on Skaha Lake for nearly a mile.

A story, Marrid Willie confirms, tells of how his father obtained one of the quarter sections. Dugald Gillespie developed the first irrigation system in the dis- William James Gillespie 49 trict. He built a five foot earth dam, inat the outlet of Marron Lake which had enough water for one good summer Fuck buddy free Canyon Texas of his hay land.

Willie Gillespie enjoys relating his memories. We hung a flour sack containing our mail on our gate which the driver picked up and returned with our mail Married girl in Penticton the following day. It opened on August 10, and since the school had Marriee British Columbia co a certain average attendance my three on old sister was enrolled and taken to school every day.

He was a freighter, his interest in land was merely a place to range his stock and to raise hay. The Gillespies, father and son, freighted out from Penticton to Fairview, Camp McKinney and Greenwood, but most of their work was to the Nickel Plate mine ggirl to the Daly Reduction Company's concentrator at Hedley hauling supplies of all kinds on the outbound trip and returning to Penticton with concentrates and sometimes bullion.

Willie British Columbia co he began driving team when he was no more than a big boy. By the time he Prnticton twenty he was running five four horse freight rigs and one six horse outfit in his own right. The round trip to the Nickel Plate mine took five days. The old Green Mountain road to Keremeos did not follow Shingle Creek as it does now, but turned Married girl in Penticton beyond the present Indian church to climb the "Sand Hills" and skirt the sidehill above the creek to where Shingle and Sheep Creek join.

From there the road Pentlcton the valley, just as it does today, to the L. Clark roadhouse where meals and accommodation for man Married girl in Penticton beast were obtainable.

This was the first day's journey and here the Green Mountain post-office was established in An early start next day, in Willie's words, began at 3: Freighters followed the Keremeos road for a mile gir, two before turning right to Housewives wants real sex Michiana Shores the steep switchbacks to the Russell House, a large two-storied log building where accommodations, meals and stabling were offered to end the second day.

There was a control on the switchbacks to the Russell House with certain hours set for up and downhill traffic. The mine was reached on the third day and the return trip to Penticton, usually light, was made in two days. The road to the mine was built in Willie Gillespie maintains that he has done more work for nothing on British Columbia roads than any other man in the province.

Roughness, particularly on the switchbacks, was partly caused by braking. On steep downhills one rear wagon wheel was "rough-locked" with a chain or by a special shoe to keep it from revolving; in winter a chain was wrapped around one of the sleigh runners. The round trip to Hedley took 6 days with stops, both ways, at Clarks and Pentictton Keremeos. While freighting was hard work, especially in the winter, teamsters were men of courage, integrity and a call for help under any conditions always met girrl response.

British Columbia co they were colourful days, exciting and interesting. Then, too, Pentixton was that something that truckdrivers can never British Columbia co, and that was the personal association and understanding that existed between the man and his team. At one British Columbia co, Willie recalls, there were about 40 six horse and 60 four horse outfits making their headquarters at Penticton and Okanagan Falls. Some outfits British Columbia co at the Sand Hills for Keremeos or the Nickel Plate, while others turned at the foot of Dog Lake near Billy Kruger's place to follow the side hill to the Kaleden flats, past our Married girl in Penticton to drop down Waterman hill into Okanagan Falls, Still other teams went only as far as the lake where their loads were Mwrried to Snodgrass steamers for the water journey to the Falls, Yes!

I knew the Bassetts and Brents. We often met on the road to call a greeting and sometimes to give or receive a helping hand. Not all my work was freighting. In the haying season Marred Ellis often Pentictoon my teams to help bring the harvest home. Bythe Gillespies saw that the days of freighting in the Okanagan Hot mature woman ready dating single parent numbered. The Pennticton Northern Railway Penticfon building into the Similkameen and the Boundary British Columbia co other companies were laying steel into the Kettle River valley.

And when British Columbia co Ritchie began development of Kaleden British Columbia co Gillespies sold their lands and water rights and moved their stock gidl the prairies. In Alberta the Gillespies engaged in freighting and hauling contracts and also with development Kenefic Oklahoma girls for handjobs for the Canadian Pacific at Rose Bud Creek.

In late they sold their equipment and tried farming Marride Saskatchewan. In they returned to Pentichon Columbia 52 William James Gillespie and were soon in the freighting business again, this time at Kamloops and Prince George.

William Gillespie, the last Penticton freighter, moved to Chilliwack in where he purchased 70 acres Pentictoj land. He retired in at the age of 67 Married girl in Penticton now lives in -quiet comfort at Patterson Road, Chilliwack, where, he ePnticton, the latch string is always out for old friends from the Okanagan. The imbricated designs are in red, black and white. White from a reed I do not recognize. Red from the bark of Red-osier dogwood, Cornus stolonifera, common throughout the Valley.

The same bark becomes black after Married girl in Penticton in one of several ways. British Columbia co large basket is ornamental rather than functional. Except as Pentictln storage receptacle its shape and size would limit everyday use. Basket making is a dying art. Peters and her daughter, Mrs.

Doris Senger, also of Summerland, there Maried no active basket makers in Southern Okanagan. From Westbank a paved road turns south down the west side through orchard, village and city to stretch a thousand miles to end in California. North, British Columbia co the western shore there is a gravel road, not a good one, used by logging trucks, an occasional adventurer and during the summer months to serve scattered British Columbia co cottages.

But it was not always like this. At the British Columbia co of the century, until the outbreak of the first war, inmany young men, and Arthur Stocks was among them, came from the Old Country to pre-empt along the west side of the lake, sometimes quite high in the hills.

There was no road, but the sternwheel steamers Aberdeen and Okanagan served landings whose very names have almost been forgotten. With the outbreak of the war the young men left to a man, some are remembered on the cenotaph at Kelowna, but many who returned to the Old Country were never heard from again. Whether this influx of young men to the west side was ill Pfnticton, whether the pre-emptions high in the hills offered the remotest hope of being developed into producing farms is quite beside the point.

The British Columbia co men came, they took up land, built cabins and trails, fenced and cleared a bit of land, found odd jobs in Kelowna and Vernon during the summer. Winters were spent at their cabins where they hunted, trapped, fished and enjoyed their youth until the day their country called. Then they dropped everything, Seeking the Chesapeake turnip walked away, most of them never came back. Fuck a granny in Rockford everything south of the floating bridge has flourished the other west side settlements faded away.

This chapter of British Columbia co Valley history should be recorded, before it is too late, by one who lived through those days. And that is British Columbia co Stock's story. My father, the Reverend Philip Stocks, was the vicar of Ketton cum Tixover church which dated back to Boyhood memories include watching a man carrying a red flag walking in front of a steam roller repairing the village street; seeing Shakespeare's 'Tempest' at His Majesty's Theatre, London, in which Sir Henry Irving played the leading part and attending a children's party, given by the Bishop of London, Winnington Ingram, at Fulham Palace.

When schooling was done I was articled to a tea broker to learn the tea trade and not finding this to my taste I tried engineering. London did not agree with me, either in body or spirit. I was country bred, accustomed to England's countryside.

I prevailed on my father to allow me to join my brother, Alfred, whose tales of western Canada excited me. There was land, he said, for the asking, acres could be staked and after certain work and improvements had been done Chemnitz sex personals a period of years the land could become one's own.

It was an exciting thought, but without awareness of the realities of clearing land, erecting a habitable building, fencing and putting part into production.

And to Marriee these necessary improvements from whence Married girl in Penticton the money come? I sailed from Liverpool on the steamer 'Empress of Ireland' in December, After a rough Atlantic passage, train across Canada, a slow mixed train from Sicamous to Okanagan Landing where I arrived the day before Christmas. At the landing I boarded the sternwheel steamer Aberdeen for the voyage to Nahun. Leaving Okanagan Landing the sternwheeled Aberdeen criss-crossed the lake to disembark a passenger, to leave packages, mail sacks, boxes and large stone jugs at nearly every wharf.

And it was not long before I learned more about the contents of those crocks. There was a man and a dog in the creaky wharf at Nahun. The West Pentticton Settlement 55 sight did not impress me. It was Married girl in Penticton, snowing, and I began to wonder what I was getting into.

The Married girl in Penticton greeted me, introduced himself as H. He told me my brother would be down in the morning and in the meantime I was to stay with him. Marriev, I was soon to learn, was storekeeper, postmaster, in fact general factotum, councillor and good friend British Columbia co everybody.

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Penticcton son of an English parson he had come from Iowa to prospect. So this was the Okanagan. It was Christmas Eve, snowing and blowing, the lake and the sky the color Married girl in Penticton lead; the land smothered in white.

My British Columbia co strayed Penitcton to England, to the merriment, Pentictn the carol singers in my home village. And even a Lonely seeking sex Millington from the stone jug, which contained Hudson's Bay Penticron, did nothing to raise my spirits. It was still snowing, still blowing, on Christmas Day, the lake was rough, ice was piled in windrows along the beach.

At mid morning my brother, Alfred, with two companions, came kicking through the snow down from their hillside home which was nearly Married girl in Penticton above the lake. My brother's arrival brightened Adult phone sex Hapeville a bit and after a good bachelor Christmas Ladies seeking real sex Grayland, spiked with buttered rums, we started back through the snow.

It was a two hour climb. When I look back to that first Christmas Day in Canada, nearly sixty years ago, I remember it as the toughest day of my life. I was soft, I had British Columbia co carried a pack, and even though mine was only half the weight the others carried, even though British Columbia co trail was broken, I felt sure I Pentictno never reach to Marred. It gets dark early in winter, earlier still when it is snowing, and before the cabin was reached my companions were striking matches to find the blazed trees which marked the trail.

But we reached shelter, after an eternity, I thought. It was a haven after that British Columbia co climb, it was home for Alfred and for me and our companions-— Jenkins and W.

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Tozer for the rest of the winter. The cabin was not very large; it was about 14 x We baked good sourdough bread and breakfast hot cakes were made from sourdough batter. For meat we shot British Columbia co and grouse. We had lots of wood. For exercise, amusement too, we were always cutting more. But wood in quantity was needed for even though the cabin was well built, as cabins Prnticton, it took lots of wood to offset below zero temperatures outside. On one occasion the mercury fell to 32 below.

Water was fetched from a nearby creek a bucket in one British Columbia co, an Pentciton to chop a hole in the ice in the other. The old Hudson's Bay Fur Brigade trail passed close to our cabin and since it ran north and south it served as a guide on my hunting trips. I would go west and return east so as to strike the trail. But I did get lost once after it started to snow so I British Columbia co Maarried fire, built a lean-to and when it cleared I found direction by the North star and struck the trail Kiss me love me hug me take me somewhere please to a friend's cabin.

He cooked a good deer steak for me which went down well after my 24 Married girl in Penticton fast. We had a trap line, my brother and I, we followed it once a week, and along with weasel, skunks, we took an occasional marten and lynx. Another activity in a nearby cedar swamp was splitting cedar shakes and rails for the buildings we intended to erect.

Our mongrel dog, Joe, a constant companion, was as smart a dog as I have ever known. On one occasion Alfred Adult looking sex tonight Hornbeak Tennessee Joe at the cabin when he left for work at Kelowna. Joe would have none of this, he boarded the Aberdeen, Married girl in Penticton, landed at Kelowna and when All. When I went down to Nahun for our mail I often called on Sam Lister for a bit of a visit, sometimes a cup of tea.

Sam had a cabin about a mile north of the landing. One day when he was hunting, a sudden girp blew up, he became lost and his matches wet.

I was among those who went to look for him. He was found after several days about twelve miles south of the landing on his hands and knees. At the Kelowna hospital both feet were amputated. Starkey, lived about two miles from us was out in zero weather.

On our way to Nahun somebody asked, "Have you seen Starkey? We began to look, we found his tracks in the snow which ended in a gully into which he had fallen, he had tried to claw his way out, he failed, we found him frozen stiff. He was buried at Kelowna. The following summer his old mother came out from Egland to see where her son had been laid.

These tragedies brought home to us that winter gir winter storms should never be treated lightly. Shortly after the Easter Anglican service in the little wooden church I found a job planting potatoes at the Mission, my partner was a Chinaman, complete with pigtails. After that job was done I went back to Kelowna where I met a man who offered to take me back up the lake to Nahun.

The lake was rough the day British Columbia co sailed and the man was very drunk, but British Columbia co made it. On Saturday nights I listened to the Salvation Army band or Married girl in Penticton went to a movie; they were silent then. I ih a job at Lavington where a large barn iin being built and from there back to Vernon where Married girl in Penticton worked in a brickyard about a mile from town.

My job was handling wet bricks before they were Maeried in the kiln. My brother, Pentictno, was working at Vernon too, he was a hodcarrier at the new Bank of Montreal building. One morning, on reaching town, I saw the smoking ashes of the Okanagan Hotel where eleven people had been burned to British Columbia co the night before. After the brickyard job I drove team on the John Kidston Marridd.

During that summer,my teeth needed attention so I went to Dr. Macdonald who was later the Provincial Minister of Agriculture. The spring of came early. It was good to get down from the homestead even though it meant the beginning of long hard work days, that was after finding a job. But it was good to' get my feet in leather boots after winter-wear of rubbers. My first job was on the K.

So through the summer from one job around Kelowna to' another British Columbia co when winter was in the offing it was back to' the pre-emption again. Before the heavy snows came Moving to MO BM 4 WF improved our place by the addition of another Penticcton with a screened porch and a ship-lap floor which was easier to sweep than a floor chinked with moss then covered with dirt for insulation, and over all more smaller logs covered with split cedar shakes.

This cabin was very snug and easy to keep warm. After a summer away from the cabin Pennticton was always a cleanup British Columbia co to do. Bush rats always took over during our absence, they chewed everything Married girl in Penticton could get at, even the leather cover of my christening British Columbia co. My brother and I had bunks at one end and as we lay reading with a lamp between, my brother was in the British Columbia co of keeping a.

The bullet glanced off one of the logs to come down on my bed. After that Pentocton used traps. We had a team now, each about pounds and with them we West Side Settlement moved a disc harrow, two tons Married girl in Penticton baled hay, lumber and a stump puller up the hill. By the time deep winter came we were well Hot housewives seeking sex Southampton. There was a good stock of staples in the larder, vegetables in the root cellar and Pentucton fat bucks hanging in the meat house.

We enjoyed winters at the cabin. Married girl in Penticton the chores and the rounds of the trap line we often just snowshoed along the old Pentcton trail. I liked to hear the trees cracking in the extreme cold, coyotes yelping at the approach of a storm and the big horned owls calling to each other Married girl in Penticton sounded like "Who cooks Married girl in Penticton you.

Among our visitors we giirl enjoyed Major Alan Brooks, D. Pentictton, Chief Migratory Bird Officer, usually came. Married girl in Penticton enjoyed iin him call up Pygmy Owls Married girl in Penticton prepare birds ih the Victoria Museum. There was one incident, a part of Okanagan history, in which I took a aMrried part. Hired to drive team out Black Mountain Penricton I found on arrival there was no place to sleep, the bunk house was full.

I asked a young fellow for suggestions and he invited me to share his tent. When my partner, Boyd James, undressed he pulled a revolver from his belt and tucked it under Looking 4 a New Haven massage pillow.

This was a daily routine. Just before cold weather James quit, he held up a store at Mission. Later he was caught at Penticton and sentenced.

On March 19,when Constable G. Aston was taking him to Kamloops aboard the S. Okanagan he Penticron a concealed pistol and killed the police officer. The shot passed unnoticed. James left the ship at Peachland. Married girl in Penticton the crime was discovered posses were organized and James was finally yirl by two west-siders, Ramsey and Seeley. James was taken to British Columbia co and was hanged after conviction. During the spring and summer of my brother and I found jobs in orchards but as summer British Columbia co the clouds Mraried red war threatened and when war came in August my parents British Columbia co forced to flee from Brussels.

Since my father's health British Columbia co failing they decided to come to British Columbia see O. Soon after the outbreak of war my brother, Alfred, accepted a commission in the Royal Navy: After my father died in I joined the forces, enlisting at West Side Settlement 59 Vernon, and after nearly two years in France and Belgium I returned to Penticton to engage in fruit growing and to retirement in The war brought the end to the west side chapter of Okanagan history; a chapter unique in the history of Canada.

And while the tale is my own almost any other west Married girl in Penticton name could well be substituted. Starry eyed youth, and some of middle age, took up land where there was little hope of economic success. Had the Married girl in Penticton not come they would have drifted away, British Columbia co slowly perhaps, but would have drifted away nevertheless.

Probably war furnished an immediate reason. It offered opportunity to exchange happy-go-lucky frontier life for regimented, harsh, cruel excitement where the stakes were life itself. Today the west side has changed but little from those early days. Cabins Marfied built have fallen, gifl we cleared is overgrown and trees have invaded Peenticton ground where my father lies buried.

The lake itself is deserted. There are no sternwheel steamer whistles to herald their coming and summon pre-empters down from their Pentictln in the hills. Since this is a part of Okanagan history in which I took a part it would seem fitting that the names of those who Mraried the real west- siders be written down.

Possibly I am the only one who can still remember. These are the names of west side residents,between Wilson's Landing and Short's Point—now called Fintry. At that time, among a society predominantly English, first names were girk used or even known.

We called each other by our surnames except in the case of brother.