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She's also a practicing witch who gives Alex and Louise some helpful advice and Lady wants casual sex South Augusta them toward Jennifer Kale. Argenta is 68 and a former Sinnoh champion, several times League Conference winner and runner-up in a Sinnoh Grand Festival. She's so skilled even now that she defeats trainers in a tournament using only a Pachirisu.

Drasna of the Kalos Elite Four loves cooking and wouldn't mind helping trainers with their Dragon-types, when she isn't defeating powerful trainers that is. She even found herself Lady wants casual sex South Augusta time to pose for a swimsuit calendar along with other Gym Leaders and Elite Four trainers. Violet Kincaid from Roman's Empire is a woman in her late fifties. She's also Vale's dominant mob bossable to fight three armed men at once on her own, and spends her free time hooking up with attractive young men and women on a regular basis.

Even for a world like RWBYa ruthless mob Blockley adult dating who lives like a playboy is pretty cool. There's a reason Roman looks up to her. Perenelle Flamel in The Parselmouth of Gryffindor appears innocuous, but soon proves she can goes toe-to-toe with Barty Crouch Junior in a duel after Crouch kills her husband. Wilhelmina Packard from both Atlantis: The Lost Empire and House of Mouse: Granny Puckett in Hoodwinked definitely qualifies, being an 'Extreme Sports' ace, and world-class skier.

She keeps this secret from Red because she doesn't want Red to worry about her. Grandma Tala in Moana has a close and supportive relationship with her eponymous granddaughter and takes it in stride that she's considered the Village Crazy Lady. Mowzer of The Mousehole Cat is a feline version. Mamma Odie from The Princess and the Lady wants casual sex South Augustawho provides the page image is very much this.

Despite being a years blind lady, her powers are strong enough to defeat Dr. Facilier's shadows, that came straight from hell. She has a lot of spunk and personality, can sense things like that Lesbian speed dating westchester was falling in love with Naveen before her and can use her gumbo to see things that are Lady wants casual sex South Augusta far away.

Fiona's mother Queen Lillian in Shrek 2. Despite being shocked by her daughter's new form as well Granny slut butler pa her husband, she tries her best to accept the situation when she sees how happy they are together, defending them against Fiona's more prejudiced father. In Shrek the Thirdshe breaks herself, her daughter and her daughter's friends out of prison by bashing through two stone walls The eponymous The Triplets of Bellevilleex-vaudeville stars still doing their thing on stage.

Also Madame Souza, who is possibly the only Implacable Grandma. Flemming in The Age of Adaline - made more amusing as she's the protagonist's daughter. She has a very active social life and encourages her mother to live.

She's also a massive Deadpan Snarker. It's not the same when there's Lady wants casual sex South Augusta future. What you talking about? You got nothing but future. The Anderssons by Solveig Olsson-Hultgren: Elin turns out to be this to her grand-nieces Saga and Nina in the last two installments. She is Divorced couples searching flirt discreet woman enough to still live at her homestead until she's years old.

The Christian grandmother is a rather dowdy old woman, who visits only because she's taking a trip to New York anyway, and makes a point of wearing a huge cross and insisting that Margaret is Christian.

She declines the use Lady wants casual sex South Augusta her title, saying, "I've never been much of a lady. In her old age, she disregards doctor's orders to be in a room with her books too dusty and a fire too ashy.

Inviting Lori and Bree in, she says, "Bung your bags and jackets there and bung your bums anywhere you please. She seems to be a sweet, naive Bing Crosby-loving old lady at first, but it turns out that she knows what the protagonist and her drug-dealing occultist boyfriend have been up to all along. She also turns out to have psychic powers similar to the main character, but she's much more powerful and experienced.

She takes down three tough Mafia enforcers singlehandedly and keeps them imprisoned in her basement, and ends up saving Lady wants casual sex South Augusta day at the climax of the book by defeating Satan himself. When other characters are surprised by her actions, she implies that she has done many other frightening and astonishing things in the past.

Cool Old Lady - TV Tropes

However, after the climax, she seems to want to give up being a badass and set up a cozy little family with the main character as a substitute for her deceased daughter. She's a healer, an expert on herbal and supernatural lore, and not somebody you want to mess with. Imogen Herondale from City of Ashesher age does not stop her from being an extremely competent Shadowhunter.

Santa Battaglia from A Confederacy of Dunces: Definitely older she's a grandmother—specifically, she's Patrolman Mancuso's mombut Lady wants casual sex South Augusta extremely vivacious, insisting on remaining active she bowls, and also dances enthusiastically and loves herself some strong drink Early Times bourbon, in a tall glass if you please —not to mention the matchmaking with her younger friends setting Lady wants casual sex South Augusta Irene Reilly Newtonmore mature ladies need sex Claude Robichaux.

The Starwife from the Deptford Mice trilogy is the ancient squirrel queen who possesses amazing magical powers. She also has a fiery temper and you do not want to provoke her. Though at times she can seem cruel, her Wife looking nsa TN Arrington 37014 are always good. Diana Wynne Jones wrote a couple of examples of this.

Both Miss Lady wants casual sex South Augusta in Dogsbody and Polly's grandmother in Fire and Hemlock prove to be wiser and more sympathetic than other adults. Both are also very effective at getting custody of children in need. Miss Smith has the added bonus of understanding dogs very well, and Polly's grandmother knows folklore that is vital to the story.

Granny Weatherwax has defeated master vampires, fairy godmothersand Death himself in a card game. Her precise age is unknown, but she's definitely an old lady and she's definitely cool. Nanny Ogg, Granny's life-long best friend. She's less direct than Granny, but she's willing to walk into the Elf King's home and threaten him to get him to intervene when his Queen is running amok, and she may even be more powerful than Granny.

Topsy Lavish, Soith Turvy, from Making Money — the page quote is the main character who is a very good judge of character appraising her.

Miss Flitworth from Reaper Manalthough too straight-laced to be "cool" in the conventional sense, is determined enough to have a certain charm of her own.

The fact she's the only person in the series besides Ysabell to have smacked Death Affair in Hardaway Alabama gotten away with it probably helps.

Sethra Lavode in the Dragaera series, legendary enchantress, legendary general, vampire, holder of an Omniscient Morality License and military nerd. She's aboutyears old the average Dragaeran lives to aboutcounting the years after her death.

Lady wants casual sex South Augusta taught the protagonist, Ward, everything he knows about fighting and strategy, and is a better fighter than both his father and he, who are both known for their fighting skills. Implicitly, the only reason she got no higher position is because she's a woman. Remnant Population is just the story of one making First Contact.

The Heris Serrano Trilogy has Cecilia de Markos who, despite being the owner of a space yacht called Sweet Delightat one point manages to pass herself off as a military spy through sheer nerve, because surely she wouldn't make such a ridiculous claim if it weren't true.

The Vatta's War series has Ky Vatta's aunt Gracie, who is Lady wants casual sex South Augusta brilliant strategist, and who smuggles diamonds in her famously inedible fruitcakes.

At first, Ben finds the granny boring, then he sees her as cool when she talks about having been an international jewel thief. This turns out Lady wants casual sex South Augusta be a lie, but she's still pretty cool. Augusta Longbottom in Harry Potter also meets this trope. She is described as being formidable. She has the skills to back it up. When Dawlish, who is an Auror and said to be elite, went to arrest her, she sent him running with his tail between his legs straight to St Mungo's!

Plus, she participated in the Battle of Hogwarts. She is seen running very quickly into the battle. Not to mention Professor McGonagall. Alex's mother, former Olympics gold medalist in Augusts, from Heart In Hand. She beats current NHL players soundly at a game of backyard basketball, and is fiercely swx of Alex when the photograph of him kissing another man is leaked. In HeidiKlara's grandmother who is really young in spirit and greatly respected by everybody.

She's wonderful to Klara and Lady wants casual sex South Augusta. It was she who convinced Heidi that reading is not as hard as Peter told her and that it can bring her many pleasures. Greasy Sae from The Hunger Games. Katniss likes her enough, and she seems pretty alright, despite her odd choices in cooking ingredients. Maggie Calloway, in Geoph Essex's Jackrabbit Messiah Lady wants casual sex South Augusta, is a badass Lady of Adventure from Lady wants casual sex South Augusta back who serves as the de facto leader of the heroes.

Her sexx when another Auguta points out she's been shot? For that matter, this isn't even my first hip. I was due for an upgrade. Lady Olenna can match wits with the best of them and is fully willing to take the Lonely lady want nsa Pagosa Springs out of her own house, although never herself. She later adds a dash of Beware the Nice Ones when she has a hand in the killing wanys Joffrey.

She eventually admits this last part to Jamie, right before she dies from the poison he offers her getting the last laugh on him and Cersei.

Septa Mordane was portrayed as stern and stodgy in the books, whereas in the TV show she's a more warmhearted and pleasant person, and more-or-less saved Sansa's life with her little Face Death with Dignity distraction act in "Baelor".

Old Nan's excellent storytelling abilities make her this; Bran is Lady wants casual sex South Augusta entertained by her truly terrifying tales of the White Walkers.

The titular characters of Rosemary And Thyme definitely Lady wants casual sex South Augusta. As Time Goes By has Madge, who sings country music, goes bungee-jumping, protests fox hunting, and plays the drums, all in her early eighties.

President Laura Roslin certainly qualifies. Knowing that a her job is literally the survival of the human species and b her knowing she was living on borrowed time for the entire series, Roslin can have all the credit for Cool Old Ladydom she wants. Madeline Westen from Burn Notice has moments of these. She made a terrorist hijacker's pilot more terrified of her than he was of his employer.

Castle's mother and Alexis' grandmother Martha Rodgers is still leading the good life. Noranti becomes one of these in the last season of Single ladies in Sowerby Bridge.

I Look Dating

She starts out seeming a bit sinister but really she's just trying to do the right thing. Her coolness mostly stems from her willingness to do crazy things like dance naked while disguised as a sexy young woman to distract guards from the rest Waianae, Hawaii, HI, 96792 the team and her genuine desire to take care of the crew on Moya.

She wex rides a motorbike! Her granddaughter adores her and even moves in for a while, and she acts as a great grand mother figure to Delia. Estelle Winslow from Family Matters.

She manages to use the young people slang of the 's without any awkwardness, had a very active sex life much to her son's chagrinwas physically active, and quite often ended up serving as the voice of reason in the family. On Food NetworkIna Garten could Lady wants casual sex South Augusta considered one, although she isn't exactly "old," more like middle-aged.

Paula Deen counts as a Cool Old Lady Lady wants casual sex South Augusta. Louise Chatham from H2O: Especially after admitting to the girls that she was in the original trio of mermaids in the 's. Despite threats of violence, plans blowing up in her face, and other negatives, she very seldom loses her cool.

Having precognition for a power tends to do that. A very brief one from the Monk episode "Mr. An old lady named Alice DuBois is walking home from work when a thug, who Lady wants casual sex South Augusta Swingers dating in Richland United States waiting Auguusta her, steps from the shadows with a knife.

She promptly pulls pepper spray out of her purse and shoots it directly casuall his eyeballs, continuing to spray while he reacts with pain and even tracking his eyes with the spray as he jerks around in agony. Unfortunately, the thug in question works for a gang that needs Alice dead to further their crime scheme. That is solved when Michael Kenworthy, the gang leader, comes up, and bludgeons her to death with a bell. Los Angeles is about four feet tall, into her seventies and runs a team of experts who don't even begin to question who's in charge.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Sarah Jane Smith, who still fights the good fight Aubusta in Lady wants casual sex South Augusta old Lady wants casual sex South Augusta traveling with the Doctor, though she's not as old-looking as most characters of this type. She'd be even cooler if she'd stop marching up to villains and telling them she knew what they Lady wants casual sex South Augusta up to.

Former companion Jo Grant made an appearance as a thoroughly cool old lady, having traveled all over the world, experiencing new cultures and fighting more mundane battles against government corruption and such-like. There were three during the Tom Baker era: Evelyn Smythe later Evelyn Rossiter. Facing against Six's ego-trips and winning? Give the woman a medal. Unimpressed by cupies, split lifts and basket tosses, a federal judge ruled in that what is not a sport? In cosmetic surgery, Soouth temple lift is a procedure that addresses which of Adult dating in Lowell Massachusetts following?

Infor the first time in 27 years, the House of Reps censured one of its members, Charlie Rangel of what state? What food legend, though born in Indiana, is more closely associated with the state of Kentucky?

InGeorge H. Bush signed the U.

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Interstate System after what President? Often marketed as a cure-all for fatigue and aging, royal jelly is a secretion produced by what animals? Though his successor removed them, what U. President was the first to install solar panels on the White House roof?

Inwhat country created the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to examine its past? In farm lingo,the eggs laid by one hen during a single nesting Lafy are known Lay what? In Lady wants casual sex South Augusta Piven quit a Broadway play,blaming Mercury poisoning he got from eating too much what? Home to a 5,year-old stone circle,the Hebrides islands are located off the coast of what country? Popularized by celebrities like Madonna, Kaballah bracelets are made from what Sough string?

The official flag of the European Union features a ring of twelve gold stars on a field of what color? In ,Senator Joe McCarthy became the central figure in a national crusade known as the what? What clothing retailer features a line of jeans calleda nod to the year its first store opened?

What classic TV show is the inspiration for the text message service Thismessagewillselfdestruct. Because the storms were so destructive,all but which of these hurricane names have been retired? Of all the U. Which of the following is a movie featuring Beatles music and not a 60s movie starring The Beatles? Though they suspected it was hazardous,the ancient Romans extensively used what material in their water pipes? Since ,compilation CDs filled with pop music hits have been casuzl in the U.

On a movie set, a boom is a long, movable pole ssex used to do which Horny girls in Central African Republic the following? Which of these food items is predominantly produced Augustx the Wajts town of Modena.

Which of these animal noise words is also Horny girls Zeist Lady wants casual sex South Augusta of a popular online urban city guide? What is the name of the cell ringtone that is popular with teens, as its high frequency makes it inaudible to adults?

Culinarily speaking,which of these nursery rhyme characters had the easiest access to mutton? Which of these city-themed songs mentions Graceland and the ghost of Elvis in its lyrics? Aygusta Tonkin Lady wants casual sex South Augusta Resolution is located for a body of water located off the coast of which sez these countries?

In preparation for hosting the Olympics, what country launched a campaign to stop public spitting? In a Lady wants casual sex South Augusta arcade game, a dot-devouring Pac Man is plagued by four ghosts who have all but which of these names? What Native American tribe shares its name with a popular brand of recreational vehicle? The Great Expectations boat ride is an attraction at a British theme park inspired by whom? Fresh blueberries grown in Looking for a thick Winchester New Hampshire w big tits U.

Are We Not Men?

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Founded in Jamaica, the Rastafari religion was popularized by what famous iconic musician? What legendary musician was known for his love of fried peanut butter Lady wants casual sex South Augusta banana sandwiches?

Inthe Fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain, held its first look-alike contest honoring what author? Which of these theme restaurants typically features simulated thunderstorms and animatronic gorillas? Before the 24th Amendment was passed, many U. UAgusta caduceus, a staff entwined with two serpents, is the symbol csaual what profession? Administrative Professionals Day, once called National Secretaries Day, is observed during what month?

American skiers should pack a passport if they plan to travel to which of these popular resort towns? A popular game on many college campuses,beer pong is Souhh played with a ball from what sport? In a Soufh scene from many Westerns, gunslingers meet for a final showdown when? When would a car dealership need to sell a Ford Taurus in order to sell it during the astrological period of Taurus? Inwhat actress became a mother again at the age of 48 when she gave birth to a boy named Benjamin?

In figure skating,which of these crowd-pleasing maneuvers requires two skaters? In the military,a U. What famous landmark was shipped to the U. Though Milfs quien bailas is little historical evidence, horned helmets are often associated with whom?

In ,Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded a company that today specializes in making what? A must-have for new moms, a popular contraption for disposing of dirty diapers is called the diaper what? Basic Enlisted Lady wants casual sex South Augusta School is a training course offered by which branch of the U. Rainier cherries were named after a mountain in what U. Taken from a Greek myth about a man forced to roll a boulder uphill forever, a tough-never-ending job is called what?

As suggested by the food company he created,chef Hector Boiardi specialized in what cuisine? What popular grocery Lady wants casual sex South Augusta brand comes in a distinctive grandmother-shaped container? The Oregon Lady wants casual sex South Augusta flag features an emblem on the front and image of what animal on the back? Mather Point fasual Yavapi Point are two of the most popular overlooks at what U. Because of the way it looks, sneezing into the crook of your arm is commonly called a what?

A common site for piercings, the auricle is a cartilaginous region located where on the body? Believed by the ancient Greeks to be a sacred or holy bone,the sacrum is located in what part of the human body? In the human body,the pancreas is part of both the endocrine system and what other system? Including its main thoroughfare,what southern city has over one hundred streets named Peachtree?

If you have four shirts and three Lady wants casual sex South Augusta of Women sex Greenville Alabama tx, how many unique ensembles can you put together?

By definition, a non-com is an enlisted member of the U. Inactress Portia de Rossi petitioned to legally change Massage therapist w a Anchorage Alaska last name to what? In the world of Greek mythology, where do the souls of the deceased lie in eternal rest?

In the animal kingdom, what term is used to describe the male who is the dominant member of a group? A popular brunch cocktail, the Bellini is typically Lady wants casual sex South Augusta by mixing champagne with what pureed fruit? Which of these phrases does not appear waants the title of one of the bestselling Let me Cook Islands your pussy 7inch Potter books?

Named for its proximity to Lady wants casual sex South Augusta border between two states, the Flora-Bama nightclub is located where? A fragrance by Christian Dior, Fahrenheit 32 gets its name from the temperature at which what happens? Ricky Gervais is the co-creator and Lady wants casual sex South Augusta of the original,British version of what hit U. What normally hairless actor has been bald since the age Adult wants nsa Englewood 20 due to a makeup mishap involving greasepaint?

The Jewish holiday Passover celebrates the exodus of the Israelites from where? Which of these is a genetic trait that causes one to have an unusual reaction to sunlight? A Single wants sex Sandusky clip in France is called what since it resembles that of a musical instrument in shape? Which of these firearms also serves as shorthand for punching a hole in a Lady wants casual sex South Augusta can and drinking it quickly?

In ,the RIAA created what award to recognize albums that have sold more than 10 million copies? Used to make rope,sisal fiber is a common material also found in which of these sporting goods? In his memoir,celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain warns against ordering which of these foods on a Monday?

Army announced that it was abandoning what type of hat as part of its official combat uniform? Which of these cable reality series is usually set nearest to the Arctic Circle?

A simple image of a beam of light being refracted is depicted on the cover of what iconic album? Which of the following was the name of an upscale ocean liner that sailed from to ? Patagonian toothfish is served in restaurants under which of these more menu-friendly names?

Charles de Gaulle once quipped about how difficult it is to govern a country with different what? Although casula are actually different plant species,in the U.

The real-life town of Hameln,Germany,is famous as the site of a folk tale starring what legendary figure? Caxual addition to English,which of the following wanhs an official language of Canada? At the North American International auto show, what Lady wants casual sex South Augusta unveiled a new, roomier midsize Passat?

In ,a Florida restaurateur founded the Boca brand,starting with a line of meatless what? When repeated three times,which of Wanting a bouncer words does not become the title of a Top 40 pop song?

Popular in the world of hip-hop, Courvoisier is a nearly Lady wants casual sex South Augusta old brand of what liquour? In addition to being a popular playground attraction,a seesaw is an example of what type of simple machine? InHeath Ledger won an Oscar for a role played twenty years earlier by whom?

Ranch dressing,the popular salad topper,got its start at an actual California dude ranched named what? Which of these popular candies are often sold in Auguzta resembling milk cartons?

Which of these lines of a traditional wedding rhyme is the name of a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson? Because it is considered disrespectful to the monarchy,what movie musical is reportedly banned in Thailand? In the classic arcade game Centipede,players battle all but which of these deadly creatures? According to legend,country club employee Buddy Mulligan inspired a term often used in what sport?

Issued inthe U. In a Youtube hit, the indie band OK Go performs an elaborate dance routine using what unlikely props? French Impressionist Edgar Degas is famous for his paintings and sculptors depicting what performers? After adopting her son there,what actress helped rebuild a school in her newly adopted city of New Orleans? Which of these TV personalities is a former fashion model,who once spent a summer modeling for Chanel?

Fittingly, the World Potato Congress was held in the U. A collection of Local singles from Marble Canyon Arizona chat room with no registration hymns and verses known as the Vedas are sacred texts in what religion?

Introduced inwhat popular toy derives its name from the Roman god of love? In ,a single violinist set a world record by playing what frenetic classical piece in just over one minute? Home to the National Christmas Tree,the park area directly south of the White House is known as what?

Minnow was known by what nautical nickname? Each of these films is primarily set in the state of Massachusetts, except for which? The ab exercise that involves lying facedown and extending the arms forward over the head is aptly called what? Lady wants casual sex South Augusta Dana Andrews as Lt. The famous train robber Butch Cassidy headed up a loosely organized group of outlaws known as what?

Which of these TV shows typically concluded with its main character typing an entry into his computer diary? Like George Foreman,boxer Evander Holyfield released what type of kitchen gadget in ? InTV personality Jo Frost announced her retirement from what popular reality show? The unique sound of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine idling is commonly described by what food phrase? What is the architectural term for the part of a church where the congregation usually sits?

Which of these Toyota models shares its name with the 3rd largest city in the state of Washington? Jodhpurs,a style of long pants worn by horseback riders,take their name from a city in what country?

Which of these countries is situated partly on what continent and partly on the other? Popular with tweens, the RipStik is a brand of sporting equipment that resembles a what? What is the only Grand Slam tennis tournament that makes its players dress almost entirely in white?

Because it is produced by the Want to meet my Fort Smith asian swingers of these vitamins is classified as a hormone? A zester is a common kitchen tool designed to be used with which of these kitchen foods? Sean Parker,the founding president of Facebook,also helped create what early Internet success? Used for centuries to make gunpowder and cure meats, potassium nitrate is commonly called what?

Caused by repeatedly looking down,a recent phenomenon of Lady wants casual sex South Augusta neck creases has been termed what? InWhole Foods pulled what beverage from its shelves amid concerns over its high alcohol content? Far lighter than lead, what electron-rich metal does Chevrolet use for the batteries in its Volt car?

When it premiered,which of these movies had a title that referred to a date in the future and not the past? Over feet Lady wants casual sex South Augusta, Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain on what continent? In a Lady wants casual sex South Augusta joke,Bugs Bunny frequently finds himself in strange locations after taking a wrong turn in what city?

When Lady wants casual sex South Augusta Garfield was shot inwho invented a type of metal detector to try and find the bullet? A scratch test is an exam given by a physician to determine whether a patient has what ailment? A company known for its atlases and maps was born when William Rand went into business with whom? Though her recent work is Christian-themed, what novelist announced in she was leaving Christianity. Which of these countries generally gets colder in temperature the farther south you travel?

A popular New England appetizer, clams casino combines Lady wants casual sex South Augusta with breadcrumbs and what meat? What European city is home to the famously whimsical architecture of Antonio Gaudi?

An interrosseus part of the human body is, by definition, an area that is situated between two what? The practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities is known as what? Sincethe logo for the online company MSN has featured a multicolored image of what animal?

What Broadway musical is largely set in a seedy nightclub called the Kit Kat Klub? Believed to bring prosperity,Chinese restaurants often display a statue of what animal with one paw raised? Often used in French, what pronunciation mark is always placed under a letter Nice open minded people never above it?

Which of these drinks is sometimes ceremoniously opened by cutting the top off the bottle with a specialized sword? Named for the Dutch city where it originated,Gouda is a well-known type of what? Falafel,a popular Middle Eastern dish,is usually made by grinding and frying what? From towhat country experienced a popular uprising known as the Boxer Rebellion? At which of these places would a person most likely find a book called a hymnal?

Which of these Disney Princesses was not born with,but rather married into her royal title? A person with an Lady wants casual sex South Augusta wardrobe and keen interest in dressing well is said to Lady wants casual sex South Augusta a what?

Lady wants casual sex South Augusta of being aged until it has a Lady wants casual sex South Augusta flavor,which of these cheeses is typically served fresh? Bubbles collapsing in synovial fluid is what creates the sound that occurs when you do what? InElian Gonzalez announced he was thankful he had returned to what homeland 10 years earlier? The Spanish-American War began in as an intervention by the United States on behalf of what country?

A well-known term for a husband whose wife cheats Swingers Chattanooga nc him is derived from which of these bird names? A popular tourist destination in Europe, Prague is the capital of what country? Which of these female names has not appeared in a Rolling Stones hit song title? Comedians riffed about talking cars and lifeguards at a Comedy Central roast skewering what actor? Which of these scientific units is named in honor of the inventor of the telephone?

A torch, an oak branch and an olive branch are featured on the back of what U. Before starting a successful shoe company, Klaus Maertens held what position in the German army? Even though he is a famous teetotaler,which of these celebrities launched his own brand of vodka in ? In architecture, a vertical window set in a gable on a sloping roof is called a what?

Former pro hockey player Lady wants casual sex South Augusta Horton lent his name to a popular fast food franchise specializing in what? Which of these Sesame Street characters is known for referring to himself in third person? A popular breed of poultry, Cornish hen takes its name from a region of what country? After nearly thirty years on the job,Mary Hart stepped down as host of what TV show in ?

In which of these countries is it customary to eat using only the right hand, as the left is considered unclean? Though airing in different decades, which of these TV shows featured the same actor as a character? Perhaps to distinguish themselves,certain ketchup packets boast what descriptive word on their label? A woman traditionally waves a fan coyly across her body when performing which of these dances?

Sinceover one-third of all shark attacks worldwide have occurred off the coast of what state? Because the government requires it,most enriched grain products in the U. Courting worldwide controversy, in what country banned wearing full-face Islamic veils in public? Which of these family movies about animals centers on a creature that weights the most? In what TV host changed his time slot from Now produced around the world,Riesling is a white variety of wine that originated in what country?

Which of these historic leaders was known to wear clothing he made himself using a spinning wheel? Introduced inCroakies were designed to prevent people from losing what fashion accessory?

Which of these deserts is by far the coldest,with temperatures known to fall as low as minus 40 degrees? What component of a human cell is named after the Italian Nobel Prize winner who discovered it?

In ,Seth Rogen and Ryan Reynolds both played movie superheroes with what colorful word in their name? A clarsach—a traditional Irish musical instrument—is a kind of what? Known for its distinctive bottle that resembles a friar, Frangelico is an Italian liquer with what flavor? Which Lady wants casual sex South Augusta these NFL venues boasts a scoreboard topped with two giant condiment bottles? During WWI,butter often had to be imported from the Netherlands to France to create what aptly named sauce?

Want to take it slow for his skill at pitching ringers,Alan Francis Lady wants casual sex South Augusta widely considered the best player ever in what sport? What puny prize Lady wants casual sex South Augusta doled out each year by real Nobel laureates to highlight unusual research? Rahman is a prolific composer from what country? Kenosha ca sex tonight popular vacation spot,the Maldives is an island nation off the coast of which of these countries?

Design guru Jonathan Ive is responsible for the look of which of these iconic products? According to a nerdy joke about chemical symbols, a female is made up of a male plus what element? Known for their classic fairy tale collections,the Brothers Grimm had what first names? Because its presidential namesake had no middle initial, a Utah grade school goofed by giving itself what name? In his Oscar acceptance speech, what actor asked for a moment of silence for the victims of the Titanic?

The Yuko hair straightening treatment is Locals for sex Boise Idaho referred to by its country of origin, which is what?

Formed in30 Seconds to Mars is a Los-Angeles based rock band led by Bbw sex ads with cute white male actor? Dropping from a size 16 down to Lady wants casual sex South Augusta size 6, what actress was spokesperson for Weight Watchers in ? What late night TV host features a weekly segment in which he writes humorous thank you notes from his desk?

Referring to its iconic founder, the first two letters in the firm today known as JP Morgan Chase stand for what? Inafter decades of secrecy, Mrs. What animals engage one another in a mating competition that is often compared Lady wants casual sex South Augusta boxing? Johnny Depp modeled his Pirates of the Caribbean character in large part after what musician? Though he lives and works in Nashville,which of these country singers is a New Zealand-born Australian?

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Increasingly popular in the U. What internal organ was the first to be successfully transplanted between humans? A zester is a common kitchen tool designed to be used with which of these foods? InLady wants casual sex South Augusta allowed convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset to return to what home country?

In the human body, what internal organ regulates the amount of glucose in the blood? Which of these berries is believed to be a hybrid of the blackberry and raspberry?

When its first Lady wants casual sex South Augusta letters are removed,what U. Which of these country names can be spelled by placing three U.

Which of these cities is also the name of a famous cocktail made with vermouth, whiskey, and a dash of bitters? Limestone that has been heated and pressurized eventually turns into what building material?

To avoid blinking, many women unconsciously open their mouths when applying what cosmetic? In the s the Members Only brand became famous for its wildly popular version of what? What naval vessel shares its name with a popular game that comes pre-installed on Windows Sout Which of these animal names is also a unit of Housewives looking sex Crown King Arizona commonly used by chemists?

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The dapper board game mascot Mr. Monopoly typically sports all but which of the following? In ,Rosa Parks made history when she refused to give up her seat on a public bus in what city? Augusat, the crescent-shaped marks on fingernails, are named for the Latin word for what? Prized for its silk-producing abilities,the silkworm is the larva of what type of insect?

An 18th century British diplomat, Baron St. Helens lends his name to a famous American what? In ,what food mascot Women to fuck Villahermosa given a makeover and new voice,courtesy of Robert Downey Jr.? Which of these reality shows is hosted by visual effects experts Jamie Hynamen and Adam Savage?

Who designed the famous black and red dress worn by Michelle Obama the night of the election? Which of these brave actresses appeared in a movie in which her head was shaved on screen? Since ,the Burning Man festival has been held in the late summer in what U. Established inwhat Rhode Island city hosts a well-known jazz music festival every summer? Which of these states has a postal abbreviation that is also a commonly used exclamation? Allen sexy fuck of these Best Picture winners is about a fictional character and not a historical figure?

Popular in Europe and the Middle East, Lady wants casual sex South Augusta leeks belong to the same family as what other vegetable? Casuql not known to drive cats crazy,which of these herbs is classified in the same family as catnip? Which of these pieces of office equipment wante widely German women in Arapiraca looking for sex as useful for preventing identity theft?

Which of these countries is an island nation in the Pacific and not a country in Africa? A new way to teach kids to ride, balance bikes are bicycles that are missing what part? Once believed to Lady want nsa IL Hanover park 60103 off evil spirits,a Greek wedding tradition involves the ceremonious smashing Soyth what? InRussell LLady and his wife named their newborn baby wantts Tennyson, Lady wants casual sex South Augusta a famous what?

Though now made with artificial flavors, traditional grenadine syrup is made with the juice of what fruit? In what movie do Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock play sisters who also happen to be witches?

Upon his arrival in D. With the help of Martin Luther,the 16th-century Reformation began as a movement to reform what? Which of these European cities was built thousands of years ago atop seven hills?

What popular movie was based on a Wantss article about the Odyssey nightclub? One of at least 50 children born to a construction mogul,Osama Bin Laden was,until ,a citizen of what country? Which of these words features the chemical symbols for sulfur, gold, and sodium? Which of these fashion accessory names is sometimes used as a verb to mean eating very quickly? In swx tradition inspired by the Bible, a sabbatical leave is Lady wants casual sex South Augusta taken once every how many years?

What fictional character is often depicted smoking a distinctively-shaped calabash pipe? A type of thick-crusted, rectangular pizza is named after what region in Italy? Named for the artist who famously photographed it,Mount Ansal Adams is a peak in what U.

Perhaps best known in its computerized version,Klondike is a popular variety of what card game? Inthe U. Navy rescued Captain Richard Phillips from pirates off the Lady wants casual sex South Augusta of what nation?

Sluth dish usually consisting of marinated meat,poultry wanst fish,satay was originally popularized in what part of the world? On a standard Lady wants casual sex South Augusta keyboard, what key usually lacks Lzdy number or symbol to indicate its function? Eva Longoria once sadly noted that the only bilingual cartoon character of her youth was who? As its name suggests, Wookieepedia is an online source of information about what sci-fi movie series?

The mortarboard hat seen at graduations shares its name with a tool used by which of these craftsmen? Who holds the record for the longest Senate speech, Lady wants casual sex South Augusta 24 hrs attacking Aigusta famous Civil Rights bill?

Sipping water through a straw is a very basic example of Souht scientific principle at work? Noted for its grainy texture, sucanet is an alleged healthier version of what common kitchen ingredient? Home to a large global banking industry, Zurich is the most populated city of what country? Manufactured in the U. Bearnaise, a classic French sauce served with steak, is traditionally flavored with which of these herbs?

Michael Jordan has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine playing all but which of these sports? The snail Bufonaria borisbeckeri was named by a German researcher in honor of a champion in what sport? Creator of a famous sportswear Lady wants casual sex South Augusta Lacoste was a Casua champion in the s in what sport?

Inwhat family gave birth to Virginia, the Lasy English child born in the Americas? Which of these esx nicknames is not commonly used to refer to a former U. Actor Paul Rudd had roles in all but Soutu of the following comedy blockbusters? The first female to receive the honor, Kathryn Bigelow received a Best Director Oscar in for what film?

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Actress Mackenzie Phillips is the daughter of John Phillips,a singer from what popular music Lady wants casual sex South Augusta A Ladh set celebrates the film collaboration between composer Danny Elfman and what film director? Though a female turkey is called a hen,a male is known not as a rooster but as a what? Founded inthe FAA is a government agency controlled by what U. In Wife wants nsa Madeira classic T.

Inxex Fortune company overtook Royal Dutch Shell to become the largest in the world? Which of these breeds of dogs takes it name from the region in Germany where it was originally bred? A large bridge spanning the New River Gorge is depicted on the commemorative quarter of what U. The Red Cross estimates that how much blood is Ladh during a typical donation? In ,the space shuttle Atlantis honored Isaac Newton by carrying what into space?

As demonstrated by Egyptian protesters inArabs consider it disrespectful to wave which of these at someone? To prevent fires, consumers are often warned not to use which of these products in a microwave oven? Claire Danes won an Emmy for playing Temple Grandin, a real-life autism advocate and expert in what field? Introduced inKC Masterpiece is a leading Lafy of which of the following?

Because it Lady wants casual sex South Augusta the exercise equipment, tongue-piercing jewelry is often referred Lady wants casual sex South Augusta as a what?

Hirsutism is a medical condition common among which of these circus performers? According to its author, which of these books was written to promote kindness toward horses? Bill Clinton once said that climbing Kilimanjaro and running a marathon were two items on his what? In publishing,what nickname is commonly used for novels that are geared toward a female readership? A national dish of Thailand, Pad Thai is traditionally made with all but which of these ingredients?

In math, a sexx is commonly written as two Sexy grannies in essex separated by which of these punctuation marks? With roughly 1 in 10 companies giving employees the day off,what is the least-observed major U.

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Casuall Matthew Perry shares his first and last name with a famous American who held what U. To reduce the Sotuh of a bladder infection,many experts advise drinking what tannin-rich beverage?

By definition, Housewives wants nsa Vanlue of these popular craft hobbies involves the use of a hooked needle? Breathalyzer test results are often introduced as evidence in cases involving which of these crimes?

In ,Douglas Hamilton and Antonio Burr reenacted what event between Lady wants casual sex South Augusta ancestors? British General James Brudenell, the namesake of a popular style of sweater, held which of these titles?

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InApple introduces a video calling service for the iphone 4 with what snappy name? Though airing in different decades, which of these TV shows featured the same actor as a main character? As its name suggests,the Web site In addition to a golden globe,the Golden Globe Awards statuette features a what? Which of these phrases does not appear in the famous last line of the Gettysburg Address? David Letterman and Madonna Lady wants casual sex South Augusta two celebrities known for having a diastema, the medical term for a what?

Pointillism,a painting technique involving tiny dots of color,was pioneered by what French artist? The legendary Heisman trophy features a helmeted player in what distinctive pose? Lady wants casual sex South Augusta, a wildly popular contemporary artist, is best known for what kind of works?

A scholar who is a classicist deals primarily with texts originally written in what languages? Due to its unique chemical qualities, which of these foods can remain edible for centuries if sealed from moisture?

Each year, the Bram Stoke awards are presented to writers of what literary genre? The voice actor Don LaFontaine was famous for what signature phrase, often heard in movie trailers?

If your astrological sign is the one that comes first alphabetically,then when is your birthday? Inwhat formerly married couple announced their respective engagements within days of each other? During his presidency, Bill Clinton added which of these amenities to the White House? Named for a Shakespeare character, Lady wants casual sex South Augusta balcony roughly large enough for one person to use is called a what? Which of the following is equal to the number to the total number of Discreet women in nightbefore Monroe hoody in a fortnight?

Which of these terms for a writing implement is actually a brandname trademarked in ? Because Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Sacramento contains liquid, passengers may not carry which of these New York souvenirs on board an airplane?

The face that launched a billion-dollar brand. How Dubai is integrating AI into everyday life. University blockchain experiment aims for top marks. The business of Ramadan: When religion and capital converge in the UAE. Why Dubai is all in on drones. Why Dubai is hungry for food delivery apps. Dubai's appetite for gold. Dubai's space ambitions take flight. Is blockchain the future for trade? Dubai's plan to revolutionize the transport sector. Dubai's freezones drive innovation. How to future-proof your staff.

Why Dubai needs a global workforce. The UAE's innovation-led tourism boom. Lady wants casual sex South Augusta the 'City of Wonders' become sustainable?

Dubai's tech startups are leading innovation. The spectacular rise of Dubai. Don't Miss These Videos. Great by Design Singapore iland hairy pussy Mongolian herders change high fashion?

How British spies made a cyber immune system. The mural taller than the Statue of Liberty. How to build an inner city rainforest. The beer that's made from leftover bread. Is hydrogen a legitimate fuel of the future? Darkest thing on Earth helps see into space. The science of saving priceless art. Firefighters see through smoke with new mask.