Issue 64 - March 2016

March 2016

»The best products don’t focus on features, they focus on clarity.« — Jon Bolt

Hi there,

and welcome to issue #64 of »UX und Tollerei«. Let's start right off with this week's round-up of links:

  • Project Comet is now Adobe XD and its preview version is out now - Download Preview
  • »Fundamentally I’m a product designer at heart and one of the primary things that I love is shipping product.« Interview with Geoff Teehan on going from working for someone, to running his own agency, to leading design at Facebook - Geoff Teehan - Ways We Work
  • In Defense of Homogeneous Design
  • A lovely illustrated article of a three-part series exploring how we perform user tests on data visualisation interfaces and why it’s so important - User Testing in Data Visualisation Pt. 1
  • Adam Morse wrote a great piece asking if we really need webfonts
  • »Siri found me 15 places to get a burrito in South Philly after 10pm. [...] But Siri had nothing to offer when I asked for help with rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse.« Why cleverness over helpfulness often doesn’t work - Dear Tech, You Suck at Delight
  • A simple and handy method for prioritizing functions through the constraints of a conversational user interface - The Dialog Method

That's it for this week. Remember to join the May 1st Reboot movement!

See you next week

Published on Mar 20, 2016