Issue 52 - December 2015

December 2015

Welcome to the last issue of »UX und Tollerei« - at least in 2015. I hope you had some quality time with your family and friends regardless of whether you are celebrating Christmas or not. Anyway, it's the time of year where people start to reflect and review the past twelve months and evaluate their achievements and aims. And so do I. The idea for »UX und Tollerei« started exactly one year ago and to make this issue a symbolic closure for 2015, I decided to use this week’s mailing to give you a little insight into the making of this side project of mine.

»The only way a side project will work is if people give themselves permission to think simple, to change their minds, to fail — basically, to not take them too seriously.«

This quote from Tobias van Schneider - I came across in an interview over a year ago - really inspired me to try out a new approach in terms of such projects. I really love side projects, hence I started a lot of them myself, and a lot of them never got launched or were seen by anyone else and eventually disappeared in the depths of my desk.

Just like Tobias, I think, having side projects is one of the most important aspects of being a designer/developer/maker. They allow us to present a solution to a problem or an idea in a completely unfiltered and unmanipulated way. With side projects you can do whatever you want - go crazy if you will - and make your own experiences. With »UX und Tollerei« I wanted to create just that. A place for me to share the stories I come across as a professional designer and my thoughts about them. The first time in my life I just went ahead without worrying to much about how this would be perceived or how exactly I should curate content. I just did it - I didn't take it too seriously.

First Issue (Week 1 - 2015) 1

»UX und Tollerei« started on January 2, 2015 with just two subscribers (Fabian and me) and twelve months further, we are now at over 2,100 weekly readers (RSS readers not included) due to recommendations by people like Chris Heilmann, the folks at Codrops and many others. Thank you guys for supporting and spreading the word, it really means the world to me and proves that this little project is actually meaningful! I would also like to thank all of you, the people who read every issue, week for week and motivating me with your suggestions and feedback. A special shout-out goes to Fabian, who selflessly created 47 illustrations/animations during the course of the year, exclusively for »UX und Tollerei«.

In 2015, I shared over 549 links with you. And to give you a proper end-of-year round-up, I now present to you your most popular ones:

See you next year

Published on Dec 27, 2015