Issue 20 - May 2015

May 2015

»In a way, The Beatles are the Helvetica of pop; just like Helvetica is The Beatles of typefaces.« — Experimental Jetset

Hi there,

this is the 20th issue of »UX und Tollerei«. As this is something special, UI/UX Designer & Illustrator Fabricio Rosa Marques, contributed this week's awesome illustration. You should definitely check out some of his other work! (links are down below)

Besides that, I really had a great time at beyond tellerrand this week. Such a stunning experience! I'm actually pretty sure that from now on, this event will be on my yearly schedule.

Another quick note before we dive into this week's list of links: I'm really proud to be nominated for the Net Awards in the category »Young Designer of the Year«. The voting is open until mid-July so I would really appreciate it, if you could support me and vote.

But now, let's start with this week's round-up. Happy reading!

That's it for this issue. Have a great weekend!

See you next week

Published on May 15, 2015

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Fabricio Rosa Marques

UI/UX Designer & Illustrator