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Flint Michigan on australian women

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The poisoning of drinking Flint Michigan on australian women in the city — a result of officials trying to save money by switching its water supply — finally received national attention this month, with President Barack Obama meeting the city's mayor on Tuesday and declaring a state of emergency, and Gov. Rick Snyder offering a full-throated apology for breaking the city's trust and failing to respond more quickly.

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But the dramatic story may never have come to light if it hadn't been for Mona Hanna-Attisha, a year-old children's doctor who, despite strong pushback from state officials, helped expose the contamination scandal. What wojen need to know to understand the Flint water crisis. Hanna-Attisha, Flint Michigan on australian women lifelong Michigander who leads the pediatric residency program at the Hurley Children's Hospital in Flint, has been widely credited for drawing attention to the city's ongoing water crisis now gripping Flint.

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In Septembershe and her team analyzed patients' blood and found high levels of lead. The lead, it turned out, had been seeping into the city's water supply for more than a year.

The cause, it seemed, was highly corrosive water flowing through city plumbing, eating away at the pipes and letting womwn leech into the water. The Virginia Tech findings inspired Hanna-Attisha to do an analysis of her own.

Using her hospital's records, she studied test results from more Flint Michigan on australian women 3, students in and around Flint and found that the number of Flint children with elevated levels of lead in their blood had nearly doubled — from 2. But we had an ethical, moral, professional responsibility to alert our community about this crisis, this emergency.

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The early response was not kind. State officials, who until then had insisted the water was safe, initially tried to dismiss Hanna-Attisha's findings.

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A county official eventually pushed the state to double-check its numbers, which finally confirmed the doctor's findings. Within days, state officials and the city's mayor held a press conference to address the tainted drinking water.

Jan 22, Founders and local business owners explain how they're dealing with lead- poisoned water, and the fear of that water, as they try to operate. Jun 1, The woman at first thought the huge spider was a big tangle of string. its prey, Huntsman spiders are native to warmer climates like Australia. Jul 3, The long read: When the people of Flint, Michigan, complained that their tap One woman reportedly tugged down her trousers to show the.

Standing near the back of the room Flint Michigan on australian women the state spokesman who had tried to discredit her work, Hanna-Attisha recalled to the Presshe apologized. Erin Brockovich herself, the then-legal assistant who helped win a multimillion settlement from a California utility in a groundwater contamination case, later praised Hanna-Attisha on Facebook for her work:.

The best news I have heard yet for Flint - thank you, Dr. Mona, for leading the way in making sure our children and With its plumbing permanently damaged, Flint's water uastralian still unsafe to drink.

State and federal officials have declared a state of emergency. Rick Snyder sent the National Guard to distribute bottled water and water filters to residents.

Critics of the government's response have called for Snyder's resignation and at least two lower-ranking officials have already quit. It causes behavioral problems. It has been directly linked to violent offenses.

In five years, we're going to see more kids who need early education and special education. In 10 years, we're going to see more kids with behavioral problems like ADHD.

In 15 years, we're going to have more kids with Swingers party Perth justice issues.

And we just had a whole population exposed to it. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more.

World Like Follow Follow. For almost two years, the children in Flint, Michigan, were drinking lead.