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Liechtenstein just exists for the sake of existing in contrast. Unlike Luxembourg, they haven't Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein standardized their native dialect to draw some distinction with regards to their Allemanic identity.

The reality is that they are just a tiny powerless version of Germany without any international or regional somebod. It would be like if Salt Lake City became it's own country. And American English is barely different from British English.

When are you rejoining the British empire, my friend? Also, if Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein does not exist to serve a Liechtensteiner ethinic group, what ethnicity do they belong to? Alemannic is not an ethnicity, it's a branch of the German dialectal continuum.

I would stop at that, if you don't want to reinforce the impression that Americans have no clue whatsoever of what they speak, when it comes to Europe. They were recognized as such by the Romans and many historiographers.

There are a couple German subgroups such as Saxons, Bavarians, Thuringians, etc. OMG, said by someone who comes from a nation where children recite the pledge of Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein and dead are buried with a star spangled flag, it's pretty funny.

With the exception of the French and the Russians, Free mobile sluts Hartwick Iowa ia cannot think of a more nationalistic nation than the US. I thought it would go without saying I'm not a fan of the weird proto-fascist rituals we do, but I don't see how that's related.

Famous people of Liechtenstein

Nation-state means "state for a nation ethnicity ". USA isn't a nation-state.

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Look up what nation-state means. Some examples of nation-states include Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Ireland, etc. That's just terminology though. The members of Germany are called countries, and one of them is Bremen, which consists of two towns that aren't even connected to each other.

The Netherlands is teeny tiny compared to Russia or Canada, but I'm pretty sure we should keep existing. So what you're saying is, it's time for Freude? As long as we stay in the EU and can still have our lives like we do, I don't see a big issue. And both China and India gravely surpass the US, so We pass the point where a place is big enough to deserve existing in its own, and have enough unique factors to deserve separate existence.

To me it seems like you are obsessed with size enough to ignore this entire thread of historical detail on how Liechtenstein came to be and why it remains to be its own country. It would have no direct path into or out of the rest of Germany without crossing another Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein nation's territory. That's a pretty big reason why it shouldn't be part of Germany. Belgium exists for the people who don't want to be part Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein France, Germany or the Netherlands.

Because the Dutch are cowards who pretend they are good and honest people but only when the going is good, watch shit hit the fan amd watch the dutch be the first Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein betray you. Not sure where you got that impression. But it sounds like you got hurt somewhere along the line.

Said the guy from a Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein that years ago was a bunch of Elderly sex dating Mercerville-Hamilton Square European colonies and thus is literally made up of those ethnic groups and more!

Multiethnic countries exist and boy are they plentiful; they Lonely women in Abha due to the fact that people identify themselves as these identities and are living under one same government that generates they status as a state.

Look For Couples Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein

Belgians can speak 3 languages, they can have different ethnic backgrounds too, yet what makes them Belgian is Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein culture and identitynot your extremely old interpretation on how to divide the world.

The New World countries exist because of unique historical circumstances and shouldn't be compared to Old World countries. Switzerland is an artificial nation like Belgium.

Russia, Spain, and China are states for a Housewives looking casual sex Prichard Alabama ethnic group with minority ethnic groups living there because their lands were annexed.

You don't think thay things would run smoother and administration there would be less complicated if Belgium was split between it's neighboring countries? Every nation is an artificial nation. Switzerland less so than most as it formed from a confederation of groups in place, rather than being the result of a multinational treaty.

Yet Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland, etc Do you think that some nations are natural and others are not? What the fuck kind of biology lessons are you on about? You call Belgium multicultural yet that shows how extremely little you know about Belgian culture notice the fact that it is Find somebody to fuck in Liechtenstein in singular form.

A culture can have more than one language to begin with. If you also paid attention to the administrative faults of Belgium, you would also understand that a more central federalized system that would eliminate vetos from parliaments in the Communities could also do the job.

The Flemish vs Walloon debate isn't even that old to begin with, it is literally more plausible to talk about Spain vs Catalonia or Scotland vs rUK than it is to talk about a split Belgium.