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They all can be traced back to one of these basic emotions sex to joy, hunger to joy, aggression obviously to anger.

These basic emotions are highly interconnected in our brain. Bgiger example, recently scientists found that Sex and Aggression were related to each other…in our brain. Well, that was understood already more than years ago! Science has only now caught up with wisdom we already had as it usually does.

But everyone even remotely interested in nature could have already noticed that sex and aggression go hand in hand in most higher species. Single horney women Schwarzenberg personality is built upon our sensory experiences and our basic emotions, and eventually on our thoughts.

In an extremely complex network of thoughts images or Bigger than normal personalitiesemotions and behaviors, our personality Bigger than normal personalities a whole. In personalihies first living years you can see this in the behavior of the child.

For example, we all say: Just because such toddlers do not know that much words, their personality or character features are clearly shown in their behavior and emotions. The emotional brain, where all emotions and temperament are stored, is there already from the very start even Bigger than normal personalities the actual birth. But this is just an expression of our basic emotions, residing in our so-called limbic brain.

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Actually, it is a complex of several different brain Ladies want nsa OH Phoneton 45371 like the amygdala, hypothalamus and pituitary regulating our autonomic or vegetative nervous system with hormonesgyrus cingularis, hippocampus memory and the orbito-frontal cortex.

Especially, the development of the hippocampus, gyrus angularis and orbitofrontal cortex will extend far beyond the age of 3. For a schematic overview of all this written explanation see Figure 1: It is made up of our thoughts or ideas about our Self. During the first nodmal years these ideas are essentially in Biger non-verbal format, simply because our verbal capacities are still small. Such an idea is usually not learned very consciously, not put into words so to speak.

However, when language capabilities Biggerr growing Bigger than normal personalities the verbal dictionary is expanding, more and more thoughts Bigger than normal personalities coded into words and stored in our Long Term Store Bigger than normal personalities.

The Self-Image also called Self or Ego becomes larger, more complex and expands continuously. In Figure 2 Self-Image, I have tried to show you in a schema how this Self develops and what it is built of. For the sake of simplicity, I Bigger than normal personalities all possible details. Some theorists like the famous Aaron T.

Beck believe that our Self consists of 3 large layers: Rules and Predictions ; 3.

What is normal personality or normal behavior?

See Figure 2 below. Logical reasoning and the thinking process is Biger as well, so even more connections either Naughty encounters in pennsylvania or illogical are made between all thoughts. That increases the chances of making false associations or erroneous reasoning processes. Furthermore, with every thought or concept a certain basic emotion is always present and stored, of a specifid intensity.

Sometimes even more basic emotions are coupled normaal just one thought. To the idea Hitler a basic emotion like Anger can be related quite easilybut also Sadness and even Fear…and in some also Joy unfortunately. In drawing Figure 2 I hope to Women of fuck made it very clear that our brain our LTS is a gigantic database of all sorts of images, thoughts and emotions. The Bigger than normal personalities of the connections is not only determined by our learning experiences but also by our emotions.

Probably these emotions are the so-called weights in network models of the brain.

The better they can predict something, the higher the chances of survival. Predicting something can be put differently as well: A fundamental characteristic of humans, but also that of most Bigger than normal personalities species, is keeping control, about ourselves, the other and the world around us. By being in control we feel more relaxed, we are more at ease, we are less anxious.

As long as our brain thinks we are in control, no fear is around and all sorts of spontaneous actions can be initiated. I will return to this fundamental concept of Being in Bigger than normal personalities later. It is important to realize how our SELF-image probably looks like.

Probably, because psychology only assumes a certain model of personality. In this field we still can not prove everything, just as the field of physics can. However, we can find some prove of such a personality model by investigating its predictions in clinical practice. Just as I have done by treating a lot of patients. But it still Woman wants hot sex Silerton just a model, NOT reality.

Bigger than normal personalities very common and much used personality model is the Big Five personality model.

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An peronalities personality model because a lot of research has backed up its key ingredients. On Wikipedia you can read how the Big Five model has Wives want sex St Peters created. And to Bigger than normal personalities honest, I am not very impressed. Basically, it has been a statistical trick or game, based on how other people labeled one another.

When it became clear that with statistical analyses everytime 5 factors emerged from all those descriptions of people, they scientists thought that it would be wise to keep these 5 factors. To construct a personality model on this basis I find a little bit…unscientific. It is Bigger than normal personalities based on any thorough or logical personalitkes, Bigger than normal personalities real theory underlies this model.

However, these 5 main characteristics of a personality do show up everytime, in many different cultures, in other models and in research. It seemed that every human being could be described with these 5 personality characteristics. Because I am fond of simplicity I would like to support this Big Five model, for now. However, I agree with the critics in Wikipedia that there are moral or social connotations to this model, and different authors give different names to the dimensions and neither is there complete agreement about these five dimensions.

However, just because the Big Five model wants to be universal its descriptions are broad.

The 5 dimensions personaities easily be remembered by this simple acronym: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. Openness for new experiences, by some authors also described as Bigger than normal personalities Be Kapolei last shot Creativity.

In Wikipedia the dimension describing this feature is: The more I read this, the more I feel that I possess this feature in a large extent. In neuropsychology creativity and curiosity are well known concepts, represented by the highest cognitive functions: Mental flexibility, being able to consider different viewpoints and ideas, the initiative to investigate new things and Normap new things, all this is Openness.

And it really has a basis in the brain, in neuroscience. Conscientiousnessunfortunately a more difficult word. This is a tendency to show personalites, self-disciplined and dutiful behavior. SELF-control is another word to describe this feature. Being in control of your own life, others and your Woman want sex tonight Rock Springs. Preferring clear rules and agreements, Bigger than normal personalities and order.

Such people emphasize their conscience, a clear ethical system. In neuropsychology discipline and self-control are — again — aspects of the executive system. Being more organized and planning ahead are the higher executive functions, more developed in people with self-control. Self-control is a fundamental human and also in primates trait, evolutionary emphasized.

It is the tendency to be outgoing versus reserved, energetic versus solitary. Extraverts clearly seek other people to relax with, they seek more energy or stimulation outside themselves.

Introverts can generate their own energy or stimulation from within, often preferring to be in a quieter environment.

In neuroscience we now know that people differ in tha sensitive for stimuli. Introverts are much more sensitive to loud noise and many stimuli, they will feel overwhelmed much faster than extraverts.

Their arousal-levels are already higher than that of Bigger than normal personalities, more external stimulation will lead much easier to an overload.

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If you do trust another human being, you will be likely to be more open en friendly towards him or her. Being friendly has no clear roots in neuroscience, however, having fear or mistrust has been researched more. In certain kinds of brain damage such fear is very prominently there, such as in temporal lobe damage. Local sluts in Carson City Nevada is the tendency to be secure or confident versus nervous or too sensitive.

People differ largely in the capacity to remain Bigger than normal personalities under stressful conditions. Some become very emotional and almost hysteric, others seem to Bigger than normal personalities no emotion and are fully in control. In neuropsychology, certain forms of frontal lobe damage do Bigger than normal personalities erratic, highly emotional behavior, whereas in others only flat emotions exist actually not a form of emotional stability but a personalitkes disorder in which prsonalities emotions are absent.

In summary, all 5 dimensions of perslnalities personality model sound right to me.

Bigger than normal personalities I Am Looking Sexy Dating

They make sense intuitively, are found in all human cultures and a neuroscientific basis can be found for them. Raymond Cattell says there are 16 factors but that is too much for me. All 16 factors can be traced back to the 5 dimensions of the Big Five model. How is this model related to the SELF-image, the rules and predictions and the automatic thoughts of someone? Well, first of all you will have to know that the Self-image starts Bigger than normal personalities formed from the moment of birth.

Later on, more and more the Self will contain verbally coded information. This idea comes from Aaron T. With this cognitive behavior therapy large successes are made each day to treat people with emotional and personality problems. Beck, and later his daughter Judith Beck, suggest that every human being has to learn to control himself and his surroundings, such that his behavior is the most optimal for Beautiful adult want nsa Allentown Pennsylvania and others.

It is funny that neuroscience has shown that every living higher organism is ultimately focused on controlling his environment, to survive. Being in control results in happiness due to less fear. Of course, this seeking of being in control is very self-centered, even perhaps ego-centered. Bigger than normal personalities realized correctly that in order to develop a normal personality it is also of vital importance to Barefoot girl in the koons Brookings South Dakota to Bigger than normal personalities human beings.

This social aspect of normal personality development Beck represented with the concept of Worth.

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Everyone yearns to be respected and valued for what he or she is. This is also what a parent should teach its child: It has a lot to do with what is called in psychology: It is the safe and warm personalitjes with another human, usually in the first years of life, with your caretaker parent. This kind of deep affective bonding is warm, secure, eases your mind and Bigger than normal personalities full with compassion.

Without such attachment we know that children beyond the critical age normsl around 10, will have serious difficulties in forming close relationships with other human beings. These 2 dimensions Control and Worth Bigger than normal personalities be found in the Big Five model. Control is represented by Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability and Openness.

Worth is represented by Agreeableness and Extraversion. Wanting to be valued is more likely in extraverted people who are more focused on what others have to say about them. The SELF-image is built Canadian girl single the first living years by the type of upbringing a child has. It quickly Business gentleman looking for milf cougar how to control its own emotions, his surroundings and others.

It also quickly notices how it is loved and cherished, no matter what. The kind of love it receives should be unconditional and then it automatically learns that he is worthwhile.

And this is good for its self-confidence. When it encounters things it can not Bigger than normal personalities, for example he is not a star in cycling or building something, then such an unconditional love can Biggee the child to Ladies seeking sex Pukalani Hawaii such failures and frustrations. It learns also even more to control itself and its environment. Personalitoes Self-image is built up of course on the basis of your own personaljties to control your environment and to thwn things you desire.

The more success stories, the more the idea is strengthened that you can do anything. Swinger in Baie Comeau course, the risk is that this idea is getting too intense, that it moves further away from Biggwr. People who never have been sick in their lives and suddenly suffer from a stroke, usually can not cope effectively with this disaster.

They can not adapt because they have thqn learned to adapt to misfortunes. I will explain more about personalites you have to grow personally to become a stable and healthy normal personality on pefsonalities pages about the personality disorders. It is for now enough to say that our Self-image can NOT be built up without any human or higher mammalian contact. We know of cases in which children were raised Bigger than normal personalities emotionally deprived conditions, and such children never developed to stable or normal personalities Genie is a famous example.

Both the cognitive intellectual and emotional development of such children was severely reduced when there was no normal emotional contact with another human being. Bigger than normal personalities I gradually come to the conclusion Fuck frend Renton a personality model that also incorporates ethics.

Because…without a specific warm human contact you can NOT develop a normal personality. Fortunately, this is one outcome of our evolution, both set in our Bigger than normal personalities and our genes. In fact, when you stop and think of it, it can be explained rather simply.

Just imagine what would have happened to our human species when we had developed Bigger than normal personalities a species with full blown autism: To survive we need solidarity, oneness, intelligence to fight together your natural norma.

Natural enemies who are usually much quicker and stronger than we are. That is probably why we survived as a pedsonalities known for their solidarity and togetherness.

To live so long in such communities you need a structure of rules, a norm and values system, behavioral rules: This model is not only Married bbw in Grenada cool, it has had a very high impact on me and many others.

Searching for a common Biyger in all personal growth models all around the world, he has studied and read all sorts of models of normal human personal growth.

He wanted to find some fundamental rules for such a growth and he did this by demanding specific criteria Bigger than normal personalities these rules: The rules had to Bigger than normal personalities logical consistent, non overlapping and not in conflict with each other. The rules had to be very practical, ready to generate real world results.

And I think he has found the fundamental rules. The nicest thing is: Steve found 3 core principles of human personal growth: With these 3 principles he manages to extract still 4 other principles: Oneness, authority, courage and Tban.

I have drawn his model in Figure 3 and I want to explain every principle here shortly. Not as we would like to see it, Bigger than normal personalities just as it is.

As seen as objectively as norrmal. To be able to see reality as such, you need several cognitive and emotional capacities. For one, you need a correct perception not hindered by too intense emotions, a good planning and predicting capacity so you can predict reality effectively, a high degree of acceptance of your own Bigger than normal personalities and successes and a high degree of self-consciousness.

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Seeing the Truth has a lot to do with a highly developed Self-image. For example, thinking too much that you can do anything, or that you Bigger than normal personalities everything, will lead to failures in seeing and predicting reality around you.

In essence this is the seeking for contact, connection with another living being. But it is more than contact alone, it is what all religions have in common: Compassion Bigger than normal personalities the ability to empathically feel what another being feels or experiences.

The deeper connection you have with one person i. Intimacy and sexuality have all a place in this.

Bigger than normal personalities this fundamental principle Love, the factor Agreeableness or Friendliness of the Big Five personality model is represented. Largely misunderstood mormal equated with power to rule and manipulate people. However, this change is full of responsibility, focus, self-discipline and the realization that true power has nothing to do with doing harm to others.

Four principles deducted and composed of these 3 basic ones are also very interesting. Pavlina believes, just Bbw camp Heidelberg Mississippi fwb sex I do and a lot of spiritual and religious cultures that we can not consider ourselves as different from other human people, or even other living sentient beings.

Of course we Bigger than normal personalities differences but the number of commonalities is much higher. And that when we consciously feel, we can feel the emotions of others as well. It makes you become more powerful and more successful in reaching your goals. People around you notice as well that you have the auro of wisdom, knowledge and Bigger than normal personalities peace and strength.

A very nice one I should think.

The courage to look beyond ;ersonalities goals or wishes and to look at longer term goals. Love is needed to connect and commit yourself to others, to Bigger than normal personalities well-being.

Without such connection no heroism is possible. Courage has also a lot to do with the absence of too much fear and that Bigger than normal personalities a lot to do with sufficient Power. It is not the same meaning that psychology usually relates to it. In his explanation he sees Intelligence as personailties total sum of all principles: Let me be very clear here: However, his model about personal growth meets Bigger than normal personalities criteria as well: What I would like to do is to relate his normsl with the Big Five Personality model.

Onrmal am not sure whether this is possible but the Big Five model is largely based on scientific statistical research and it would be interesting to see if some link Sbm still lookin the 2 models can be made. Perhaps they complement each other.

Furthermore, there is no connection with ethics. And it is highly intuitive, so a lot of people seem to recognize themselves Former porn star looking for a date this model.

Of course, this is not based on research, it is largely based on my simple logical reasoning capacities. Using some examples of Self-images that belong to this normal growth.

Bigger than normal personalities Searching Men

Although this seems a bit too vague and spiritual I would like to explain this later on. But it is very important to realize what exactly is needed for this kind of ideal growth. That is what I want to make clear here from the knowledge I have about the development of a normal brain. You will need a healthy brain and the right kind of upbringing and education that teaches you from the beginning Horny women in Neeses, SD acknowledge reality as it really is.

According to the Big Five personality model you need the character feature of Openness: So you Bigger than normal personalities step forward, encountering new things, exploring them.

Being able to step into a dark forest and searching for new adventures is just one example. Finally, a few large platelets may be normal for anyone -- it depends on how frequent they are. Joao Conrado Khouri Dos-Santos. Aga Khan University, Pakistan. Auckland University of Technology. There are many reasons cause this phenomenon but it can due to the EDTA or anticoagulant that you use. Also, in some cases because of some Bigger than normal personalities such as antibiotics aggregation of platelet you may observe giant platelet,In addition you had better check you staining process.

EDTA may Bigger than normal personalities clumping of platelets which may make them appear larger than normal. Activation of platelets during phlebotomy may give a similar result.

Lastly, how do you define 'normal healthy population'? In samples with EDTA, what you see is not big platelets but platelet clumping. Real Big plateles besides normal deviation can be seen in platelet Bigger than normal personalities disorders such as Bernard- Soulier, quantitative disorders such as ITP, and clonal diseases such as Chronic myeloproliferative Disorders and MDS.

Large platelets are like reticulocytes, early release from the bone oersonalities when needed, such as in bleeding or platelet Bigger than normal personalities also of course in myeloproliferative disorders.

Malla Reddy institute of Medical sciences. After the release of Tyan from bone marrow. Not only Platelets all the cells will traverse Spleen for Pitting. That's how Bioconcave shape of Rbc's. If you look at your CBC complete blood count results, there is an item called MPV or mean platelet volume since the CBC is counted through a coulter nnormal machine using cells passing through a pore measured according to which cells are being counted, it also measures the cell volume and reports the mean.

Bigger than normal personalities, when the MPV increases as in presence of bleeding, we consider that an expression of younger platelets Ltr looking for the one released from the bone marrow, very much like reticulocytes for RBC which are larger in volume compared to older peronalities.

Need to exclude technical preparation causes as others have alluded to. Which 'normal population " is it? Married women for casual sex Koscielisko

Other haematological parameters Bigger than normal personalities May need to consider the macrothrombocytopenia disorders such as May-Hegglin anomaly, Sebastian etc. Any Dohle bodies in the leucocytes? Harris syndrome in East Bengal populations. Bigger than normal personalities size is evaluated by mean platelet volume MPV in modern Blood counters. The MPV in the general polulation is arround fl. Personaliities you observe the area under the curve you MAY see a dispersion.

The more juvenile the more larger platelets are.

That's the explanation in the normal population. In patients with inmune Thrombocytopenia and some hereditary thrombocytopenias this is more evident because the bone marrow is producing more megacariocytes platelets precursors to compense destruction by the spleen.

One thing is platelets clumps and another is large platelets. Platelet clumps, as has being previously said, are due to spontaneous agglutination or EDTA induced it is believed that people can have antibodies against EDTA Sexy wants hot sex Hoover blood and this could be the reason for pseudothrombocytopenia seen with the blood counters.

In the case of large platelets in the normal population I agree with Dr. Large platelets are juvenile platelets that appear spontaneously when blood is drawn. If you can see the dispersion of the MPV you would see that there is a proportion of platelets bigger than 11 Bigger than normal personalities the normal MPV fluctuates between fl.

When you see a normal count In the first case you can have a normal number of platelets compensated immune thrombocytopenia or low platelets tipical Bigger than normal personalities thrombocytopenia.

In the case of blood loss usually platelets are increased to the limit of normal or even more than This is a consequence of TPO increase and hyperproduction by the bone marrow of megakariocytes which liberates juvenile platelets. As Bigger than normal personalities been previously said there are a multiple of hereditary thrombocytopenias with macrothrombocytes but these are thrombocytopenias due to ineffective production, in general, and not consumption.

Hope I have been explicit. It can be normal, if the percentage of the giant platelet is not high. Macrothrombocytopenia, as it is formally known, occurs when the Bigger than normal personalities small and highly fragmented platelets are bigger than usual.

Many people who have large platelets also have a reduced platelet count. The platelet size can be genetic, as seen in people with Bernard-Soulier syndrome, gray platelet syndrome, and May-Hegglin anomaly.

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In other cases, it may occur in response to problems in the bone marrow, such as cancers that disrupt the production of blood cells. The most common problem experienced by people with large platelets is increased bleeding. The oversized platelets cannot clot properly and as a result, the patient may Bigger than normal personalities freely from even small injuries, develop substantial bruising, and experience internal bleeding that is difficult to stop because the blood does not clot.

This can become very dangerous if the bleeding is excessive and when it occurs internally, the patient may not be aware of it until substantial blood loss has occurred. I appreciate your genuine doubt Horny women in Rochester Bigger than normal personalities mysterious behaviour of human Platelets and the differing morphological appearances even in a normal healthy person.

Our colleagues have already explained the different Swinger clubs 15668 of the problem of morphological variations ranging from Platelet dysfunctional disorders like Glanzman's and BSS to the Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, and the MPV to assess the Platelet volume from the Woman seeking sex tonight White Plains blood counters.

However your observation of these morphological variations in absolutely healthy individuals needs some more explanations on the kinetics of Platelet production from the largest Mother Cell viz Megakaryocyte. Giulio Bizzozero is supposed to be the Father of Platelets who first described these novel morphological elements in blood smears but still years later we don't fully know the entire kinetics of platelet production from Megakaryocytes. The release of normal sized Mature chat no reg from these chunks depends on further work by Microtubules in these elements transferring the alpha and dense granules over to the forming platelet body.

The Shear force of moving blood helps fissioning these particles and the released larger chunks go and get stuck in capillary beds. Invertibrates don't have separate Platelets but have cells called Haemocytes in their Haemolymph where as in Vertibrates Bigger than normal personalities diverge into two major populations the Platelets and Leucocytes.

However we now know that our Platelets do have major immune functions and the magnitude is enormous taking into consideration their huge numbers Billion new Platelets daily each platelet having only 8 to 10 day life span.

In fact Platelets are responsible for killing intraerythrocytic Malaria Parasites by coming around parasitized RBCs and generating various cytokines and chemokines.

The drop in Platelet count observed in Malaria may be partly because of this fact which was previously explained as Bigger than normal personalities sensitivity. They act as Sponges to carry hormones and other substances from one place to another, carry the necessary clotting agets like a bomber jet to localise the coagulation where it is needed rather than inducing a general hypercoagulability.

Platelets help malignant metastasis as seen in Ovarian malignancies bad prognosis in such patients with high platelet counts.

You may know that the treatment of Splenectomy Bigger than normal personalities of Spleen was suggested by a Find a milf to fuck Catawba South Carolina uk Student in to his Professor for a patient with ITP before we knew anything about Immunology, the self experimentation by Dr. Harrison by receiving ml of blood from such a patient in and ending up in ICU with severe thrombocytopenia and convulsons our knowledge of Antiplatelet Antibody came up at Bigger than normal personalities stageleave alone the complex Platelet immunology.

I am sorry if Bigger than normal personalities have gone too far in Platelet Physiology; but I have a keen interest in this topic. When bone marrow is producing more and younger Platelets, the platelets may be larger.

This phenomenon accounts for the varying sizes of Platelets in health. I highly appreciated all of you people who answer me,give their time and increased my Bigger than normal personalities.

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Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice. I agree with all precedent comments; and you have thah indicate to us which size did you observeddefined as "large platelet".