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Swingers wanting male

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Key clubs got their name after house keys were put in a hat at the end of social parties at the base; husbands would retrieve the keys by chance to determine who among the wives would be their sexual partner for the night.

It was in these pilot communities that the concept of sharing began to include spouse sharing. It was common to find couples engaged in non-monogamous, casual sex interactions, and wife swapping became common and acceptable Gould, ; McGinley, The s witnessed the emergence of more organized Swingers wanting male swapping clubs in suburban America.

The popular media started to explore the rumors of Swingers wanting male sex clubs, dubbed Swibgers clubswhere group sex took place. Several investigative articles were written on the subject and swingers were portrayed as immoral, deviant individuals showing a psychopathological behavior Butler, However, the term swingers came about in the early s and superseded the previous Swingers wanting male of wife swappingused by the media.

In the Swingers wanting male, the modern swinging movement took shape and started in earnest Gould, The first organization to acknowledge the swinging movement was Swingers wanting male Sexual Freedom League in Berkeley, California. At that time, the only means of communication for swingers looking Swingers wanting male other same-minded individuals was through the placement of ads in local magazines and newspapers Gould, ; McGinley, In the early s, the evolution of open marriages based on the concept of non-possessiveness was taking root.

The concept of having more than one loving relationship at a time also made its debut in the sixties and may be responsible for the sexual philosophy active in many hippie communities of the Swingers wanting male Wesp, In the s, the North American Swing Clubs Association in the United States was established to serve as an umbrella organization representing swingers and swinging clubs throughout the country.

The Association's official definition of swinging states that swinging is the popular and internationally accepted term for recreational, social sex between consenting adults McGinley, ; Swihgers International,p. In the s, the swinging community participants started to refer to their engagement in extra-dyadic make behavior as the lifestyle in order S looking for a swf 38to50 shed the stereotypical term swingers commonly used by the popular media Gould, Some of the social clubs organized by the swinging community adopted the term maale to describe the involvement of both partners in extra-dyadic, playful, sexual experience Gould, Moreover, there is still a widely Ssingers perception in the general population that swingers Swingers wanting male unhappy individuals looking to fix or remedy unhappy marriages, or that swingers are deviant, socio-pathological individuals in need of marriage counseling Jenks, Gilmartin asked non-swingers how they would feel if a swinger moved into their neighborhood.

Swnigers large portion of the people sampled voiced strong objections. Likewise, Jenks asked non-swingers how they perceived mals concerning their overall behaviors and attitudes.

He found that non-swingers, for the most part, perceived swingers as non-whites who were habitual drug and alcohol users Jenks, InWilliam and Swingers wanting male Breedlove published the results of their research with swingers.

Their Swingers wanting male were based on a sample of couples. Moreover, their analysis of swinging publications indicated that over seventy thousand couples had placed ads in national swinging magazines and newspapers in the previous year; they estimated that about two and half million couples had engaged in swinging activities at least once.

However, it could Swingers wanting male argued that their conclusions were based on a small sample sizes and that their Swingers wanting male were unrealistic. Since the Breedlove's estimation relied mostly on anecdotal evidence, there is the possibility that the proposed number of estimated swingers and those that had actually engaged in swinging Swingers wanting male at eanting once, were quite different. However, most studies have relied on small sample sizes and have been restricted to samples from specific geographical Swingers wanting male.

Nevertheless, the last ten years have witnessed an increase in the number of swingers' clubs. A perusal of the Internet sites dedicated to swinging reveals hundreds of clubs, which seem to increase in number every day Jenks, These websites include swinging dating sites or bona fide organized social clubs with a Wife want nsa Lake Villa location where weekly or monthly meetings for swingers are held Jenks, The organizations have become forums for the advocacy of swinging and have established national lobbies Jenks, One could assume that swingers are individuals attempting Wife want casual sex Eastchester deal with dysfunctional relationships or find Swingers wanting male quick fix for their marital problems.

In Swingers wanting male study of swingers, Jenks also found that a common reason given for engaging in swinging was the willingness of the participants to challenge moral and societal codes.

Another reason given in the Jenks study was the opportunity Are you alone and love it individuals Swingers wanting male interact socially with new people in a novel social context. According to current available data, swingers are mostly middle-class white married individuals couples holding, for the most part, conservative views.

Swingers also show a more permissive attitude towards topics such as sexuality, divorce, pornography, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, and Swingers wanting male Jenks, The average age of their respondents was 39 years. The majority had at least two years of college education. Most were presently married and had been involved in swinging for an average of five years.

In their sample, Bartell and Levitt found comparable results mean age of However, Bergstrand and Williams found that swingers were more likely than non-swingers to belong to religious organizations. Most swingers have above average education Gilmartin, ; Jenks,; Levitt, and were employed mostly in professional or managerial positions. Denfeld and Gordon suggested that swingers did not conform to the stereotypical deviant profile and were indeed like anyone else in the general population.

Bartell found similar results in his sample: Jenks profiles swingers as white, middle to upper middle class individuals in their late 30s, conventional in a social sense, community-oriented and responsible civic citizens who do not identify with specific religious organizations. Swingers wanting male

Swingers wanting male

His findings are in line with those of Bergstrand and Williams Bergstrand and Williams explored for the presence of abuse or dysfunctional family backgrounds in the histories of their sample. When compared with data obtained from the general population General Social Survey Data,the results showed that there were no statistically Swingers wanting male differences between the groups.

Bergstrand and Williams concluded that the results contradicted an assumption that there is a higher incidence of mental pathology among swingers than the general population. Jenks has also proposed that further research was necessary to identify wider demographics, perhaps longitudinal studies that could identify the factors that influence the rationale for swinging and evaluate the longevity of swinging behavior within a specific Swingers wanting male.

Given the fast rise of swinging in the past decade, as suggested by Robert McGinley, director and founder of NASCA International an association of clubs, events, and services, Swingers wanting male to the swinging lifestyle communityit is important to determine if there has been a change in the demographic characteristics of swingers and to explore additional demographic of the swinging population McGinley, Women wants sex tonight Bossburg Washington New research must address the following questions:.

Often, individuals expect to base their choice of a mate on sexual attraction. Considering the high rate of divorce and the marital and sexual dissatisfaction experienced by many couples who decide to remain in the marital relationship, there has been much research designed to identify the factors that positively or negatively affect the sexual satisfaction of married individuals Frank et al.

Social Exchange Swingers wanting male provides a rationale for the association of sexual satisfaction with the general relationship quality Spreecher, Sexual satisfaction represents an equitable balance concerning the sexual aspects of the relationship. The difference between rewards and costs compares favorably; that is, there is equality between the partners in their exchange of rewards and costs.

There seem to be many variables involved in determining sexual satisfaction, and some aspects of the sexual experience may be more satisfying than others Young et al. Some researchers have looked at Swingers wanting male satisfaction as a measure of an affective response, derived from a subjective evaluation of the positive and negative aspects of the sexual relationship.

Darling, Davidson, and Jennings found that multi-orgasmic women were more likely to be physiologically satisfied with sexual intercourse than single- orgasmic women were, but their overall sexual satisfaction was not affected. Other researchers suggested that the consistency with which partners reach orgasm is a determining factor in sexual satisfaction Young et al. Lief and Hurlbert et al. Waterman and Chiauzzi found that, for women, the sexual dissatisfaction increased as consistency of orgasms decreased.

They defined sexual dissatisfaction as a measure of lack of interest with the repertoire of the sexual behaviors that the respondents engaged in during their sexual activities.

Donnelly researched the frequency of sex within the marital context. She found that sexually inactive marriages were less happy and satisfying that those where there was Swingers wanting male higher level of sexual frequency. In a recent study Litzinger and Gordon explored the relationship of communication, sexual satisfaction, and marital satisfaction.

The results of their study suggest that communication and sexual satisfaction are independent predictors of marital satisfaction. However, they found a strong interaction between communication and sexual satisfaction.

As suggested in prior research, there are several predictors of stability and satisfaction in a marriage. A study by Fowers and Olson identified the Horny men silver Monroe and weaknesses related to relationship issues, such as expectations, communication, personality, and conflict resolution tactics.

Couples with the highest degree of overall marital satisfaction showed effective communication abilities, higher satisfaction concerning affection, sexuality, shared time, finances and a strong belief in religious importance. However, the marital interaction seems Swingers wanting male be less physiologically sexually arousing for older couples than for middle-age couples. If there is a relationship between marital interaction and satisfaction in marriages, then older couples may interact more positively, but less sexually due to low physiological arousal.

If sexual satisfaction and Swingers wanting male satisfaction are highly correlated as it appears from the current literature, it seems that if one or both Swingers wanting male to decrease, the relationship would be in jeopardy.

Indeed, several studies support the notion that individuals Swingers wanting male in extra-marital sex because there is a breakdown in the primary relationship, including marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction. Dissatisfaction with the marital relationship increases the desire for engaging in extra-dyadic sexual relationships Prins et al. These results suggest that about half of swingers may perceive their swinging activities as improving the quality of their relationships and marital satisfaction.

In this study, two variables, marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction of swingers, are explored. The levels of marital satisfaction and of sexual satisfaction of swingers with their primary relationship are evaluated. Swingers are Swingers wanting male under-researched phenomenon. The latest research on swinging Bergstrand and Williams and Jenkssuggested that little empirical documentation exists to evaluate the psychological or behavioral impacts of swinging on the familial relationships.

Prior research Swingers wanting male swinging has been sporadic at best and it has demonstrated serious gaps not only in the information regarding swingers.

My Wife And I Are Swingers: Here's What It's Actually Like |

Additionally, there is no research regarding the possible differences between men and women swingers with respect to their marital and sexual satisfaction. Marital relationships have traditionally been accepted as including an expectation of sexual monogamy Boekhout et al.

Swinging challenges this assumption. Research on the consequences Oxnard ca senior female swingers. Swinging. infidelity on the marital relationship has led some researchers to conclude that the behavior Looking for a new bestie 19 kemah 19 damaging and has long-term negative consequences Boekhout et al. A comprehensive understanding of swinging Swingers wanting male swingers is necessary to understanding the long-term effects of the behavior.

It is evident that infidelity, a behavior that does not involve the consent of both partners to extra- dyadic sexual involvement, can cause negative Swingers wanting male in the dynamics of the relationship and family structure Baxter, ; Boekhout et al. Further, some studies suggest that individuals engage in extra-marital sexual liaisons because something Swingers wanting male wrong with the primary relationship such as dissatisfaction with the marital or sexual relationship Atkins et al.

Glass and Wright argue that primary relationship dissatisfaction is due to infidelity. They found a negative correlation between marital satisfaction and infidelity in all types of extra-dyadic activities involving either sexual or emotional relationships, or a combination of both. In conclusion, this Swinyers proposes to explore the levels of relationship satisfaction and sexual satisfaction of men and women swingers in order to determine if indeed there is a negative relationship between marital and sexual satisfaction.

Also, the Swingers wanting male proposes to explore the wantihg of men and women towards swinging and determine if there is a difference in their responses. Logically, it could be expected that men that engage in swinging activities would be dissatisfied with their marriage and would show low levels of sexual satisfaction as well. Moreover, it is important to identify behavioral and psychological characteristics of swingers and ascertain their sexual and marital satisfaction.

Most of the literature reviewed herein is dated and in need of reassessment and evaluation. Sdingers demographics of swingers seem to be in a state Swingere flux. Thus, the purpose of this study is to gather Swingers wanting male about male and female swingers, to determine the level of marital and sexual satisfaction, to evaluate attitudes towards swinging activities, and to explore the relationship between attitudes and behaviors.

The hypotheses are derived Swingers wanting male the assumption, as suggested by prior research evaluated herein, that men and women will differ in their experience of marital and sexual satisfaction.

Most research suggests that men's willingness to engage in extra-marital sexual relationships is motivated by a lack of sexual and marital satisfaction. If this is the case, men swingers would be more likely to suggest swinging to their spouses as a way to compensate for their lack of satisfaction in either context. Swingers wanting male in past research swingers report high levels of satisfaction with their marital relationship, that fact has not yet been scientifically researched.

Moreover, there is no data on the sexual satisfaction of swingers in their primary relationships; all of the present evidence relies on wating evidence. The purpose of this mlae is to add Adult singles dating in Bainbridge, Indiana (IN). the existing literature by Swongers current demographics and gathering information on men and women swingers regarding their marital and sexual satisfaction, and their attitudes towards the swinging experience.

Moreover, this Swingers wanting male also proposes to establish a research Swungers that can be of use in future research with a Swingerrs population. An initial proposal for this study was submitted to Union Institute and University Internal Review Board for approval in November IRB Approval was received in February and data collection started immediately. The data for this study was collected using a self-report survey instrument designed by the researcher and posted Swingers wanting male swingers' dating websites and swingers' on-line social clubs.

The survey method was chosen in order to gather exploratory and descriptive information from a selected sample of swingers.

The survey method traditionally Sqingers for the collection of large quantities mape data from specialized populations Babbie, In this case, the on-line survey method was chosen wantinb of its ability to access a mape sample of swingers in a short period. As well, the use of an on-line survey would facilitate the Swingers wanting male ability to gather responses malf a large, anonymous, sample of a population that would otherwise not be available through face-to-face Swingers wanting male or direct mailing.

For the most part, swingers resist face-to-face interviews and Swingerrs not willing to be identified Jenks, Considering the sensitive nature of some of the questions in this study and the need for anonymity, the researcher assumed that participants would be more willing to answer the questions openly and honestly in on-line format rather than in a traditional, face-to-face, laboratory setting.

However, the on-line format is susceptible to self-selection bias. The researcher created an on-line survey using Surveymonkey. Swinngers

The service provider utilized software designed Brisbane women who want sex Swingers wanting male tampering; responses and identification marks were encrypted. Blonde cutie black bootie shorts researcher opted to utilize options available on Surveymonkey rendering the respondent's e-mail or Intern protocol addresses ISP unavailable to the researcher.

To maintain a consistent protocol, a template was used to contact the webmasters of the dating sites and social clubs when requesting their participation see Appendix A. Of those contacted, three dating sites, one of theman international swingers' site, and twelve social clubs agreed to post the link to the survey on their Web pages or electronic newsletter.

The names and Web addresses of the participating sites will remain anonymous as part of an agreement between the researcher and those sites for confidentiality.

Only paying members of the dating sites or clubs had access to the survey link. Temporary members or free members did not have access to the link.

Social club newsletters were distributed only to the club members. To maintain consistency, an additional template Beautiful women looking nsa Virginia Beach posted Swingers wanting male the link to the survey on the participating websites inviting members to participate in the study see Appendix B. Data were collected for a Swingers wanting male of five weeks starting on February 26,and ending on March 30, At the completion of the collection period the data were downloaded from the hosting site and analyzed.

The unit of Swingers wanting male for this sample population was individual men and women swingers. No attempt was made to acquire data from couples.

In addition, the sample does not represent a true probability sample since it was not obtained through randomization but rather self-selected. Upon recruitment, the participants were asked to logon to the web site containing the survey and complete it.

Swingers wanting male were not required to sign the consent form since this was a web-based survey. Participating in the survey assumed consent. After reading the consent form, the participants were directed to continue and complete the survey. Participants were informed that they could stop participation at any time, and none of their responses would be submitted. The subjects were not financially rewarded for their participation. Participants were not asked for any personally identifiable information, and the researcher did not possess the technical capability to trace individual surveys to particular participants.

The options allowing for tracing of IPS and e-mail addresses were deactivated on the Surveymonkey website. Data were collected and maintained in an on-line data bank at Surveymonkey until the end of data collection. The responses were encrypted for security. Considering the sensitive nature of some of the questions in this study, and the stigma attached to this special population, it is believed that participants were probably more willing to answer questions openly and honestly than in a traditional laboratory, face-to-face, setting.

The results and subsequent analysis were conducted by the primary researcher and consulting faculty committee. The testing instrument was a survey developed by the researcher. The Demographic and Behavioral Inventory of Swingers see Appendix F is a item questionnaire designed by the researcher that divided into four sections. The first section included demographic questions. The second section included questions designed to ascertain the swinging attitudes, experiences, and behaviors of the participants.

To minimize outside tampering the link was available only to actual members of the sites. Upon completion of the survey, the participants were directed to click a submit button at the end of the last page of Swingers wanting male survey. Swingers wanting male per APA requirements, the data will be kept by the researcher for the next five years. The demographic questions in this survey reflected questions asked in previous research studies with swingers and included new questions regarding education levels, occupation, household income, size and type of community, and geographical location of the respondents.

The IMS Hudson, see Appendix C Swingers wanting male used to measure the marital satisfaction of Swingers wanting male participants Swingers wanting male was included in the survey instrument. The IMS is a item scale designed to measure the degree, severity, or magnitude of problems that one spouse or partner has in the marital relationship.

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The IMS has two cutting scores. The second cutting score is Scores below this point indicate severe stress in the relationship. Scores above 70 are considered indicative of satisfaction with the relationship. The IMS has Swingers wanting male internal consistency Cronbach's alpha of. The IMS has very good known-groups validity, discriminating significantly between couples known to have marital problems and those that do not.

The IMS also has good construct validity, correlating significantly with sexual satisfaction and marital problems Hudson, The SSS was used to measure relationship sexual satisfaction of the participants. The SSS is a item scale score on a five-point Likert scale with the following options: Responses were Online Adult Dating mature sluts Liechtenstein so that higher scores reflected higher Swingers wanting male satisfaction.

The possible overall score range was The Swingers wanting male score was converted to an average item score possible rangewith 5 indicating high sexual satisfaction. The scale has excellent internal consistency with a Cronbach's alpha of. The swinging experience was Swingers wanting male for the purposes of this study as the behaviors of swingers Swingers wanting male the swinging context and how swingers feel towards those swinging activities.

This section of the survey contained questions Swingers wanting male the following topics: These variables were assessed using multiple-choice questions. Questions regarding how respondents found other swingers to interact with and sexual behaviors during swinging sexual activities, albeit multiple-choice, allowed the respondents Swingers wanting male choose all the answers that applied to them.

The demographic variables were assessed by questions in the following categories: The researcher utilized SPSS Data were analyzed using descriptive analyses. Further data analysis included correlations, contingency tables, and chi-squares. The Cohen's d statistic measures the difference between the mean of two populations to determine levels of homogeneity. The purpose of this study was to contribute Swingers wanting male the existing literature by collecting new information concerning the gender differences of male and female swingers regarding marital and sexual satisfaction.

In this chapter, the demographic characteristics of the participants are presented. As well, the attitudes and behaviors of the sample within the swinging context are examined. Some of the variables are considered group variables and no attempt was made to distinguish Women looking sex tonight Mount Holly Springs the responses of males and females.

For instance, variables dealing with household income and geographical location are considered group variables since the responses represent the characteristics of the "couple" and not just of the individual respondents.

The demographic and swinging Adult wants real sex Blue Eye data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results of the marital and sexual satisfaction scales were computed according to the protocol outlined in the scales; t -tests were used to compare the mean scores for men and women.

Eight in ten of the men identified themselves as exclusively heterosexual; only one-third of the women did so. About one-fifth of the men and about two-thirds of the women identified themselves as bisexual. In Figure 3 and Figure 4 respectively the results for the racial profile and age of the respondents are reported. The average range of ages of Swingers wanting male men and women was between thirty-six and forty-five years of age, and the sample was predominantly white.

Local Swinger Personal Ads Wife Swapping Personals for Swingers

Approximately wantingg of the respondents were married or cohabiting, while the remainders were single, widowed, divorced, or other. About half the respondents were in their first marriage, one -fourth was in their second marriage, and the remainder of the respondents reported being married for the third time see Figure 5. One-third of the sample had been married for over twenty years see Table G3.

The typical respondent had a college education; about two-thirds Swingers wanting male the respondents had at least an associate's degree, bachelor's degree, Swingers wanting male some post-graduate education see Table G4.

With regards to the occupation of individuals in this sample, white-collar workers and office personnel accounted for about one-fifth of the sample for both men and women, while business owners, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, CPAs, engineers accounted for about one-third. In the category of healthcare nursing and support staffwomen were over-represented three-to-one see Table G6. Sexual orientation of the men respondents in the sample. Malf orientation of the women respondents in the sample.

Free asian sex Bahamas of the racial profile of the men and women Swingers wanting male the sample. Comparison of the Swingers wanting male of men and women in the sample. Comparison of how many times men and women respondents had been married. In previous research on swinging, nale geographical location, size, and type of the community of residence of particular samples were not identified.

Geographical variables were explored in this study. About two-thirds of the respondents reported living in either urban or suburban communities with a population density betweenor over 1 million people see Table G7. About one-fourth reported living in a rural setting with a population density of less than 50, people see Table G8. The sample in this study was derived from an international population of swingers.

Respondents were asked to identify their country of residence. Individuals residing outside of North America were asked to identify their continent of residency. Moreover, residents of North America were asked to give regional information. Awnting two-thirds of the respondents were from the United States, less than one-fifth from Canada and Mexico, one-sixth from Europe and the remaining from Australia, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa.

Most of North American respondents reported living in either the northeast or Swingers wanting male of the continent see Table G9. The swingers in this study embraced a variety of political affiliations and views, and no particular political position dominated. Considering that this was an international sample albeit the concentration of respondents was from the United Statesthe traditional Naked Socorro women political divisions common to Americans would not have applied here.

About half the respondents considered themselves social moderates, liberals, or Democrats; about two-fifths considered themselves moderately conservative or Republicans; the remaining of the sample political views were represented by libertarians, communists, socialists and anarchists. The religiosity Swingers wanting male religious beliefs of the respondents were also explored Swingerrs this study. Table G11 shows the results for the religious views of the participants.

Most of the respondents professed having some form of religious beliefs, Swingers wanting male one fourth declared not being wanhing at all. The Catasauqua-PA adult sex in this section were divided into group variables and individual variables.

Group variables considered the responses as representative of the experiences of a couple's activities responses to these variables are not reported to reflect the differences between men and women respondents. Individual variables reflected the respondents' own individual experience within the swinging context.

The results for the swinging experience questions suggest that Swingers wanting male of the respondents in this sample held a favorable view of swinging, and that the great majority had been swinging for some time. Nearly one-third of the respondents had been participating in swinging anywhere from four to seven years while one-fourth had been swinging for over twelve years see Figure 6. Most of the respondents in this study held a favorable attitude towards their swinging experiences.

Swinging satisfaction for both men and women Mqle closely matched in this Swingers wanting male of swingers. The responses to the question of who first introduced the idea of swinging to the relationship show that more than two-thirds of the men reported having introduced the idea Wife wants nsa Kell swinging to their Saingers in contrast, less than one-third of the women admitted to having done so see Table G Regarding the rationale for swinging, most of the respondents cited sexual fantasies or sexual variety as Swjngers reason why they engage in swinging.

Of these, Swingers wanting male half the men and women reported pure sexual variety as a reason for swinging while a quarter of the men and the women offered sexual fantasy as a Swingers wanting male for engaging in swinging see Figure 8. It Swingers wanting male that, for the majority of this sample, swinging is not a regular occurrence see Table G About half of the respondents in this study frequent swingers' social clubs.

Private parties Swingers wanting male for the remaining context in which Swingers wanting male interact see Table G The sexual Man fucked woman in Grande-Entree, Quebec of the respondents Swingers wanting male engaged in at least once mwle swinging sexual activities were explored.

About two-thirds of the men and women reported swapping partners at least some of the time. One-third of the men and women had engaged in-group sex activities at least once.

About one-quarter of both men SSwingers women engaged in soft swing at least Swingers wanting male of the time Soft-swinging is a term used in swinging circles to denote couples or individuals that engage in sexual contact with others either manually or orally Swingers wanting male, and watch or are watched by wantinh while having sex with their partners. A kale of how long men and women in the sample had been swinging.

The term denotes no-penetration sex while swapping partners. About half the men and women Chattanooga cost girls seeking men Chattanooga participated in Swingers wanting male.

Orgasm frequency was considered to denote sexual satisfaction during swinging activities. Over two-thirds of both the men and the women in this sample of swingers reported reaching orgasm while engaging in swinging, either always or most often. The results on this variable were evenly distributed between men and women. Less than one-tenth of the men and one-fourth of the women reported seldom reaching orgasm, or never reaching orgasm at all see Figure 9Table G How swingers find other swingers to interact with was mmale of interest to the researcher.

The literature suggests that swingers utilize several means of communicating and interacting with other Swingers wanting male. In this sample, the participants identified several strategies for finding other swingers. Internet websites were identified as a means to find other swingers by about two-thirds of the respondents.

Other ways of hooking-up were swingers clubs, private parties, or other swingers. It appears that swingers mostly use the Internet as a means of communication with other swingers see Table G17Table G Comparison of the responses of men and women respondents regarding their attitude towards their swinging experiences. Comparison of the responses of men and women in the sample regarding their rationale for engaging in swinging activities.

Orgasm frequency of men and women in the sample during their swinging sexual activities. One of the main areas Swingers wanting male interest in this study was the marital satisfaction of swingers. The IMS was Swingers wanting male to evaluate the level of marital satisfaction in this sample. It was hypothesized that there would be a statistically significant difference between the marital satisfaction scores of men and women wabting men reporting lower levels of marital satisfaction than women.

Reported values above 70 show high levels of marital satisfaction. A t -test was conducted to compare the scores of men and women. As hypothesized, men scored Swingers wanting male on marital satisfaction than women.

The mean satisfaction level of the men was Swingers wanting male mean satisfaction level of the women was The results are as follows: The results of the t -test are shown in Table 1. The second question in this study was the level of sexual satisfaction of the respondents with their primary relationship. It was hypothesized that there Swingers wanting male be a statistically significant difference between the Swingers wanting male satisfaction scores of men and women, men would report lower levels of sexual satisfaction than women.

The sexual satisfaction of the participants with their primary relationship was measured using malle SSS. The closer the score was to five, the higher the level of sexual satisfaction.

A t -test was conducted to compare the Swingere of men and women. The mean sexual satisfaction level for men was 4. The mean sexual satisfaction level for women was 4. The results of the t -test are shown in Table 2. In Swingers wanting male chapter, the findings of this study will be discussed starting with a brief synopsis of swinging, an evaluation of the sample, and a discussion of the demographic data and swinging experience.

Finally, the results of the marital and sexual satisfaction scales will be evaluated. The central purpose of this study was to explore the marital relationship and sexual satisfaction of swingers and to determine the current demographics of the amle.

The results indicate that both men and women swingers scored at the high end of the marital and sexual satisfaction scales. However, there as a significant difference found between the scores of men and women on both scales.

Men score lower than women on measures of marital and sexual satisfaction, confirming the hypotheses put forth in this study. The sample of swingers in this study was derived from a self-selected convenience sample and therefore may not be representative of swingers everywhere. The individuals in this sample chose to voluntarily participate by completing the on-line survey. Personal Swingers wanting male to participate may have created a bias the sample.

Individuals who held positive views of swinging may have wished to convey those views to the researcher. Similarly, those individuals whose swinging experiences were negative may be under-represented in this study since they are no longer engaging in swinging and less likely to be found in the swingers' web sites.

Past research on swinging has relied on similar samples of convenience. Moreover, the data in this study bear a striking similarity to previous studies.

Those similarities include demographic variables, attitudes towards swinging, and relationship satisfaction. Taken together, these studies have provided for a comprehensive Swingers wanting male of the swinging population at large.

About seven out of every ten respondents in this study were men. The reasons for the gender imbalance are difficult to determine. While the unit of analysis in this study Swingers wanting male individual swingers, it is possible that the gender bias in responses could be explained by the maintenance dynamics of "couple" sites. Men may be more likely to maintain the couple's profile and consult the dating sites daily, more so than women.

In addition, men may be more willing to participate in an on-line survey. Moreover, as suggested by Bergstrand and Williams, men may have completed the questionnaire as the representative of the couplehence expressing the views and attitudes of both partners.

Further research in this area is necessary to evaluate this Swingers wanting male and offer possible explanations. Finally, the sample was not randomized and therefore does not allow for inferences to the larger swinging population.

However, given the size of the sample and its Swingers wanting male diversity — this sample includes for the first time respondents from other geographical areas other than the Swingers wanting male States — the researcher feels confident that wantiing results of this study represent some of the current trends found in the larger swinging population.

Swingers wanting male this Swingers wanting male, a relationship marital satisfaction scale and a sexual Swingers wanting male scale were used to measure swingers' levels of satisfaction on both variables. The respondents reported high levels of marital Swingers wanting male sexual satisfaction in their relationship with their partners.

In this study, men were slightly less likely to be satisfied with their marriages than women were, but the difference was well within the satisfaction parameters of the scale and can be considered as minimal.

Both men and Swingers wanting male reported high levels of sexual satisfaction with their relationships. However, men reported lower levels of sexual satisfaction then women. Once again, the differences between men and women scores can be considered as very Swinges.

There seems to be no indication as to why men were more likely then women to recommend swinging to their spouses as reflected by the answers to the question of who introduced Sexy Women in East woodstock CT Adult Dating to the relationship.

Perhaps, the husband's willingness to Swingers wanting male the wife's bisexual behavior may serve as sexual motivation for him. Swingeds both men and women seem satisfied with Swingers wanting male marital relationship, as suggested by the results of this study, why would they engage in swinging? A possible explanation for the desire to engage in swinging could rest Swingers wanting male a lack of sexual satisfaction with the primary partner or habituation to the sexual activity with the primary partner which could lead to routine sex.

Routine sex traditionally leads Swingers wanting male a sense of boredom. However, as the results Swingers wanting male this study indicate, both Ssingers and women reported high levels of sexual satisfaction with their primary relationship. Since both men and women were sexually satisfied in their marriage or relationship, perhaps lack of sexual satisfaction is not the motivator for engaging in swinging. Prior research suggests that although some men report that their sexual satisfaction with their mate declines with the length of the relationship, they still find their mate sexually attractive Chien, ; Klusmann, ; Logically, one could then pose Swingers wanting male question; can sexual attraction and sexual satisfaction be mutually exclusive in a relationship?

Can one be sexually attracted to one's mate but be dissatisfied with the sexual experience? More research is necessary on this topic. The question still then remains, why would people Swingers wanting male outside the primary relationship to procure additional sex? The answer given by the respondents in this study asserts that the Swinggers, or rationale, given for swinging is based on either a desire for sexual variety or sexual fantasy fulfilment. Traditionally, people seeking added sexual stimulation that cannot be satisfied by their marital partner often engage in affairs outside the primary relationship.

In the swinging context, neither individual has to resort to wantkng adulterous affair to fulfil his or her sexual desires or fantasies; they do it together Swingers wanting male a couple. Hence, swingers Swingers wanting male defined themselves as play-couples Gould, ; McGinley, But, is fantasy fulfilment wantibg important in a relationship?

Ellis and Symons argued that men's sexual Swingers wanting male often involve multiple and anonymous partners and may be more likely to involve sexual variety. The possible availability of additional women in swinging may serve as a motivational factor for men to engage in swinging. Baker and Bellis suggested that sperm competition is an evolved mechanism designed to ensure paternity assuring the promulgation of a man's genes.

According to Baker and Bellis the results of their research provides evidence that human male sexual psychology has evolved to address the possibility cuckoldry. According to Swingers wanting male and Bellis, sperm competition is process that allows the sperm production in a man to be enhanced by the separation from his partner for some time. According to the researchers, the separation maximizes the woman's opportunity to engage in adulterous behavior, hence the possibility that her partner is now competing with another man's sperm to impregnate her.

Further, the theory proposes that men adjust the number of sperm in each ejaculate according to the length of time they have they been separated from their mate, anticipating the possibility their partner Swingers wanting male while absent. Thus, for men, this strategy may be Swingers wanting male for higher levels of motivation to engage in sex with one's partner when there is present knowledge of extra-dyadic Swingers wanting male activity.

Knowing that your partner has had sex with other men may serve as sexual motivation, or turn-on, for some men in the swinging context. Although this is a speculative hypothesis, Pound posited that sperm competition could be the cue for sexually arousal in males by providing increased copulation with one's partner. Pond hypothesized that, in some males, watching pornography may increase the cues for sperm competition. Thus, some of the men in swinging contexts derive pleasure from watching their wives having sex with other men Swingers wanting male be experiencing a displaced sense of sperm competition, hence maximizing their motivation for engaging in sex with their spouses after the fact.

If men in a swinging context do indeed experience increased sexual arousal when confronted with the possibility of sperm competition, that could explain why men in this study suggested fantasy and variety as rationale for engaging in swinging.

Baker and Bellis further suggested that humans may indeed be pre-disposed towards Conklin NY milf personals hence, the increased sperm production is one of the mechanisms used by males to counteract the possibility of cuckoldry. Interesting to note that male swingers report a higher level of sexual arousal towards their spouses after a swinging episode Gould,which could be explained by the increased sexual motivation Swingers wanting male one's own spouse as suggested by the theory of sperm competition Moreover, in some cultures, men experience higher sexual arousal when witnessing their partner interacting sexually with other men Talese, If wanhing men are aroused by sharing their spouses with other men, then male-female-male sexual interaction, which was chosen by a large part of the respondents in this study, could be understood in Swingers wanting male of the sperm competition scenario.

Although sperm competition as an explanation to why some men in swinging Swingers Chattanooga nc derive sexual motivation, it is still a speculative hypothesis albeit it is worth exploring in more detail at some point. However, it is plausible at Swingres time to suggest that swinging may provide a context in which some men may experience a higher degree of desirability for their spouses by activating mechanisms associated with sperm competition.

If sperm competition provides a possible explanation for why men may engage in swinging behavior, what would be the motivation for women? It is understood how bisexuality among women may serve as a motivator for their engagement in swinging. However, other options must Dating latina girls seattle be considered. Klusmann has documented that woman's sexual desire for her partner declines with the length of the relationship.

Perhaps in swinging sexual desire towards a new partner fuels the psychological sexual Swingers wanting male and activity for both men and women by providing short-term variety of partners and enhancing sexual fantasies. Also, it must be noted that some women engage enthusiastically in sex with several males, a fact that could be explained by Baker and Bellis sperm competition theory; the theory does suggest that women may retain the ejaculate of a preferred partner when engaging in sex with several men.

Perhaps it is the enhancing opportunity to be impregnated by the winner's more fit sperm that motivates this serial coital activity. However, more research in the motivation of Swingers wanting male to engage in swinging is necessary. Nale discussing swinging, one must consider the pleasurable aspect of sexuality. Abramson and Pinkerton suggested that there is a duality to human sexuality, in what they posited is the Swigers tension wajting Swingers wanting male procreative and pleasurable aspect of sexuality.

Swingers wanting male and Pinkerton argued that although the pleasurable aspect of sexuality is overlooked, the Looking for Philadelphia in aspect is often overlooked as well in the heat of passion sometimes resulting in remorse and concern about wantong pregnancy. The function of sex also includes the attainment of sexual pleasure within qanting confines of one's erotic paradigms or lovemaps as mald by Money Since the matter of marital sexual fidelity is dependent on societal norms, Swingers wanting male role of culture in shaping sexual attitudes is paramount.

In North American culture, Swinyers the most part, people hold the attitude that sex and love are intermingled and cannot coexist separately, especially for women.

As swingers are part of the larger culture and subjected to Swingers wanting male same folklore, customs, and expectations as part of the larger social conditioning process, it is interesting that swingers seem to have separated the two concepts into distinct behaviors.

The sample of swingers in the current study managed to experience marital satisfaction, which suggests a strong commitment to their partners. The swingers appear to be willing to explore the realm of sexual possibilities outside their immediate relationship. As a result swinging might then be understood as a context in which the fulfilment of the individual erotic wanying is associated with sexual pleasure, separate from the emotional bond between the couple.

Abramson and Pinkerton also posited that sex is Swingers wanting male considered in our society the domain of men, controlled by men, and enjoyed mostly by the men. This erroneous perception may extend to the swinging context as viewed from the perspective of the general population. In our society women often seem to be assigned the role of moral and sexual gatekeepers. Swingers wanting male and Williams in their research found no evidence that Swingers wanting male in swinging are the victims of prior sexual abuse or are forced into swinging by their husbands.

In this study, childhood sexual abuse was not explored. The motivation is the pleasure goal for both individuals. Swinging allows the couple to experience sexual variety to realize particular sexual fantasies.

This goal is achieved consensually, and the Swingers wanting male adventure of the couple becomes rewarding to both individuals. Moreover, swingers show a lack of cognitive dissonance, which would be reflected by a discrepancy between beliefs and actions. As with most individuals, one would expect that if there is a disconnect between traditional social values and expectations, and what would be construed as deviant sexual behavior, that disparity could prove to be emotionally disconcerting to the individuals involved bringing about a state of cognitive dissonance Jenks, Surprisingly, swingers Swinegrs to be cognitively consistent in their sexual behavior and sexual attitudes.

The results of this study suggest that in this sample of swingers there seems to be no conflict between sexual attitudes, sexual behaviors, and West Memphis chat sexy horny and sexual satisfaction.

Individuals in the sample held varied occupations. Most professions were represented, from blue-collar and white-collar jobs to advanced-degree professionals. Some individuals were self-employed; others worked in public mqle such as health facilities and educational institutions. The demographic findings of this study parallel, for the most part, those Swingers wanting male previous studies.

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